Using Digital Video in PowerPoint

PC MagPC Magazine Using Digital Video in PowerPoint By Jan Ozer October 5, 2004 The days of endless bullet-point slides in PowerPoint are numbered—or they should be. Adding digital video to your PowerPoint presentation can help you produce a more instructive and compelling show. To do it right, though, you need to understand the issues. When digital video first appeared, the average desktop had a 640-by-480 resolution monitor. Video produced at 320-by-240 was truly "quarter screen" and more than adequate for most uses. On today's desktops, with resolutions of 1,280-by-1,024 and higher, 320-by-240 video looks like the proverbial "postage stamp" that gave computer video a bad name. If you're producing video for embedding into a PowerPoint presentation, it's time to start using full-resolution video, which for most DV videographers means 720-by-480. Read the full article at

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