Using Epiphan Pearl Mini with PTZ Optics Cams

PTZOptics and Epiphan recently worked together to tighten their product integrations- and the results are awesome.

The Epiphan Pearl Mini

The Pearl Mini is an all in one video production switcher. The Mini was designed specifically for lecture capture- as well as other small live events. It is a small unit, weighing only four pounds.

IPhone users will be right at home, with the Mini's 7 Inch touch screen control panel. With this tool users can record and stream video simultaneously.


PTZOptics Cameras are also great for lecture capture. Giving users the ability to control picture remotely, these cameras are ideal for any live event- small or big.

In the video below, we see the compatibility of PTZOptics SDI and USB Cameras and the Epiphan Pearl Mini.

PTZOptics cameras connect to the Pearl Mini via USB, SDI, HDMI and RTSP feeds. From here, all you need is an internet connection and an SD card to stream and record at the same time.

The Epiphan Pearl Mini management page allows users to customize their stream quickly and easily.

Once you've connected PTZOptics cameras as your video source, you can add an audio source easily via the XLR port.

The Epiphan Mini paired with a PTZOptics camera is a perfect integration for your production workflow.

Check out our Epiphan Pearl Mini and PTZOptics bundle HERE

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