Using Multiple Cameras to Increase Engagement for Worship Streaming

Screen Shot 11-09-15 at 11.12 AMWhile most church's start with a sinlge camera for streaming, we all know that using mutliple cameras increases your production values and makes for a more engaging video to watch. Mutiple cameras also add a level of complexity and costs. This guide from Church Production magazine will help guide you in determining the right mix of cameras for your Worship Streaming services.
Church Production by Paul Chapman


It can be difficult to find the right balance between too few cameras that bore the viewer and so many that you’re wasting money because you don’t use them all.

A lot of churches start live-streaming with a single camera. That’s fine to start. But too often, live-streaming ministries languish with a single static shot or a single camera operator for years. Ideally, both of these would be a temporary situations.

Once your church decides to upgrade, you may be tempted to add another camera and call it good. Two is much better than one, but if you have the money, should you stop there? On the opposite end of the equation, can you have too many cameras? Assuming you have enough inputs on your switcher, enough camera operators, and enough budget, is there a point at which, there are just too many cameras? Multiple cameras offer more information for the viewer. In your church’s live-stream, this can translate into increased engagement for the online congregation. You can show context with wide shots and details with close-ups. The more cameras you have, the easier this becomes. read more...

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