Using NDI to Create Worship Video Productions

NDI Devices connected to a network, can discover and communicate with each other and transport media back and fourth. This creates connectivity that can be extended across an entire network.

Houses of Worship are a major user of NDI technology. This community comes in all shapes and sizes, and are utilizing video in many new ways to keep congregations together.

It is increasingly common for a house of worship to have some combination of standard IT wired or wireless network.

Many Church facilities have been using live streaming media, to reach various outside locations and individuals, who can now remotely access a sermon. This is all possible, and much more affordable, thanks to implementing video over Internet Protocol or IP video.

This new technology also helps various broadcasters get attention for their productions and engage more viewers.

It is now common place that Houses of Worship use a combination of traditional wired IT video as well as elements of an IP wireless network. This makes utilizing the wireless network much less complex for video and audio distribution.

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