Using the Sony M10U HDV Deck with Adobe Premiere Pro

DMN Tutorial By Charlie White HDV PPro2Yes, it is supported, and here's how to configure it In this tutorial, learn how to configure the Sony M10U Digital HD Videocassette Recorder to work with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. In a previous review of Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 editing HDV, I attempted to use the Sony HVR-M10U deck as an input device, but it was unable to capture video. A call for help resulted in Adobe tech support personnel incorrectly telling me that the M10U was not supported. But others at Adobe contacted me the next day and showed me how to configure the Sony HDV deck to work with Premiere Pro 2.0. Now I'll show you. When I was unsuccessful in connecting the HDV deck to Premiere Pro, I immediately thought that it didn't make any sense. After all, weren't all the Sony HDV camcorders and decks, including the Sony Z1U, FX1, HD3, and HC1, all using the same mechanism to record and play back HDV? According to Adobe, yes. The most common reason the deck won't work when attempting to capture HDV is because it's set to play back DV. Or, it's set to automatically play back either HDV or DV according to what's recorded on the tape, but this capability doesn't appear to work well with Adobe Premiere Pro. This versatility and variety of setup and output choices are a source of numerous support calls to Adobe, according to the company. Let's go through the settings so you can be sure your M10U will be able to output capturable video. First, make sure when you make a new project in Premiere Pro, you start with an Adobe HDV project. When using any of the Sony decks, you set it for 1080i/30. read more...

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