Using YoloBox Pro to Livestream a Concert

YoloLiv has recently spoke with Rodrigo Assunção, a civil construction designer and the audiovisual expert from the center of Mação, Portugal about how he uses the YoloBox Pro to stream concerts, weddings, and more. Rodrigo uses the YoloBox Pro, Sonfy FX3, Song A7III, GoPro 6, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Rode Wireless II to stream his events. The YoloBox Pro is a video switcher, encoder/streamer, monitor, recorder and audio mixer all in one and is a great affordable solution for someone who doesn't need to invent in large scale devices. 


Since the pandemic, Rodrigo turned to live streaming for his events because it brought him more business opportunities. He streams to Facebook Live and YouTube live for his events.

“It’s the product that matches my needs and something that I wish to have for a long time. I immediately registered on YoloLiv website, a customer support specialist got in touch with me and referred me to a local Portuguese representative, and in less than a week I had my YoloBox Pro.”
Rodrigo Assunção

Rodrigo uses the YoloBox Pro for it's simplicity, portability, and powerful functionality. YoloLiv says he finds it extraordinary to have the customized comment overlays with a simple tap to add name and captions. Another key thing that has kept Rodrigo hooked to the YoloBox Pro was it's customer support. As soon as he inquired someone from the YoloLiv team reached out to him to get  him connected to a local dealer. 

“I don’t have much more to add to the product than the possibility of seeing the scale percentage of the labels or the possibility of copying an already created project. And, I believe that YoloLiv technicians are already working on it.”
Rodrigo Assunção

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