Using Zoom as a Valuable Tool in Live Productions: A Videoguys' Compilation

Today's Videoguys Live Webinar is a bit different. Today's, we're focusing on all the ways to improve your Zoom or video conferencing meetings and showing all our resources available to help bring your content one step further!

Zoom can be a valuable tool in a large variety of productions, if utilized properly.  With the production crew snowed in, we've taken a look back at some of our most valuable video resources we've published concerning Zoom.

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One major point we discuss during this webinar is the capabilities that are unlocked when using Zoom with a switcher.  This combination allows remote guests to be bought in from Zoom to a multi-camera system- or for the output of a switcher with onboard graphics and multiple camera to be bought in to zoom.  

Videoguys has a great number of multi-camera switching production systems.  Learn more about these systems HERE.

PTZ Cameras:

PTZ cameras are another great way to add an element into your zoom call, by adding additional picture and movement capability for your call.  In this webinar we take a look at some of these options. 

Learn more about PTZ Cameras HERE.

Included Webinars:

Videoguys Guide to Web Streaming with Remote Guests: April 8th, 2020:

In this webinar, we discussed multiple solutions for bringing in a remote guest, including solutions for Zoom with hardware and software encoders. 

Check out this full webinar below.

Videoguys Guide To Streaming with Zoom: April 15th, 2020

In this webinar, Gary took a deep dive into all of the ins and outs of Zoom and streaming with video conferencing gear.  This included do's and don't's, best practices and what you can achieve with Zoom.  We also went into how to bring your guests from zoom into your live production, and how to use live production gear to better customize your Zoom call.  

Check out this full webinar below:

The Right Camera for Every Live Production and Budget:
October 21st, 2020

In this webinar, Gary was joined by Pail Richards, from PTZOptics to discuss the many different workflows PTZ cameras fit into.  In their discussion, they addressed the benefits of having PTZ camera control built directly into zoom.  

Check out the full webinar HERE:

YoloLiv YoloBox for Live MultiCamera Production:
October 13th, 2020:

During this webinar, Oliver took us on a tour of the YoloLiv YoloBox with some diagrams of applications it fit into.  This included a workflow for those using the YoloBox to bring multiple cameras into Zoom- an application that works with most hardware switchers. 

Check out the full webinar below:


Remote Learning Tips for Teachers:
A Videoguys Back to School Special: 
September 2nd, 2020

During this webinar, Gary gave an indepth look at how to use gear like PTZ Cameras and switchers to enhance virtual learning in the classroom over zoom.  Check out the full webinar, below. 

Remote Learning FAQ: Ask the Videoguys:
September 22nd, 2020:

In this follow up webinar, Oliver took a deep dive into a hybrid video conferencing setup for board meetings with some members present in the boardroom in person, and some dialing in over zoom. 

Check out the full webinar HERE:

Creating a Remote Live Event with a Special Look at the Making of a Zoom-Mitzvah:
December 22nd, 2020

Gary and Adam used this webinar to take a deeper look at how to utilize zoom in your live event production, and to bring the audience through the behind the scenes of a recent Zoom-Mitzvah hosted in the Videoguys Studio.  

Check out this webinar below:

Check out more articles covering Zoom HERE.

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