Utilizing NewTek's Remote Storage

Making all existing assets digital is the key to production in pretty much any size studio these days, and available to all projects all the time. Another major advance to productivity is the capability to ingest all new footage to digital files in a common location with instant availability for post production. With digital assets, IP transport only makes sense. Both of the goals are addressed with personal attention to integrating IP workflow with shared storage, with NewTek Remote Storage (NRS) powered by Studio Network Solutions (SNS).

Richard Evans, NewTek video content producer and SNS sales manager Steve McKenna show how to use many of the key capabilities of the NRS, which leverages NewTek’s NDI® technology for bi-directional transport of audio, video and data over standard networks at very low latency and very high quality. NRS is not purely storage but a key production component that includes powerful Media Asset Management (MAM), and which an operator at the system or on a networked device or computer can use to capture live NDI streams, or to play NDI streams to production systems including Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications. A wide variety of other MAM capabilities are also present, and all can be used from a browser window on any system or device on the same network. Click here to read the full article.

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