Vanguard Awards 2007

DCP By Trevor Boyer Vanguard Award 2007Every year, as the days get shorter, Digital Content Producer's editors and contributors get together and compose a list of the year's most groundbreaking new products for video-production professionals. Anything released within the calendar year is fair game. Whether it's a free downloadable media player, a $399 effects plug-in, or a 4K digital-cinema camera, as long as it promises to make an editor or cinematographer more powerful or more productive, the participants will debate its merits. Then, after exhaustive discussions and voting, the truly groundbreaking is separated from the merely new and improved, and once again, we can present the Vanguard Awards. This year, the winning products represent a particularly wide gamut. Maybe that's because the definition of what constitutes a digital content producer keeps expanding. Your father might be uploading video to YouTube and trying to maximize his compression settings, and your 14-year-old might be doing format conversion. You might be shooting high-definition video and wondering how best to protect those images as they're processed in post and deployed to the Web. read more...

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