With HDV now being a ground-breaking format, here are some frequently asked questions about HDV, editing, shooting, and more. Vasst HDV What is the difference between the Sony and JVC HDV cameras? The JVC cameras are 720p. This means they have 720 lines of horizontal resolution, displayed/shot in progressive frames. The Sony cameras have 1080 lines of horizontal resolution, shot in interlaced frames. The resolution of the JVC camera is 1440 x 720p, and the resolution of the Sony cameras is 1440 x 1080i. (when viewed at aspect ratio, the Sony actually displays 1920 x 1080i. A 1440 anamorphic image yields a 1920 display) Do I need a new computer to edit HDV? Absolutely not. If you have a computer that can edit DV, you have a computer that can edit HDV. HDV in 1080i format is the same bitrate (25Mbps) as DV is. However, depending on the system, you may experience choking on the system, depending on whether you're editing Transport Streams or with an intermediary codec such as the Cineform Connect HD codec. Read the whole FAQ

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