Vegas 7 XDCAM workflow overview

Vegas 7 XDCAMI found this great tutorial in a post the author Simon Wyndham made on Horaah! Vegas 7 has now been released into the world. This release of Vegas is of particular significance to users of XDCAM because it not only fully utlises the XDCAM workflow, but it is the only editor anywhere near its price range to allow the import of every single current flavour of XDCAM in existence. Unlike, say, Avid Xpress which limits users to the DV25 variation of XDCAM, Vegas 7 handles DV25, IMX50, and all bitrates of XDCAM HD. On top of this Vegas also supports full mastering to XDCAM too. So once a project is complete you can actually render out whichever type of MXF file you wish, and have Vegas automatically master the file back to an XDCAM disc. Most other NLE's currently limit XDCAM support to import only, so this is a great addition. So, how does the XDCAM worklow in Vegas 7... work? Well, lets take it a step at a time. When you first booth Vegas 7 after installation the XDCAM function will not be enabled. To correct this you will need to go to the Options drop down menu and select Preferences. Now select the General tab and scroll down to the bottom. read more...

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