Vegas Pro 8

Vegas Pro 8Computer Shopper by Denny Atkin Vegas Pro 8 is a professional-level video-editing and DVD-creation package that emphasizes using a single, customizable program for the creation process. Real-time playback of your edits, nondestructive editing, and unlimited undo/redo make tweaking your videos a snap, while dockable windows and customizable keyboard commands let you personalize the interface for your work style. Many video-editing packages emphasize a particular workflow, breaking video, audio, and effects editing into separate programs. Adobe's Creative Suite, for instance, includes SoundBooth for audio editing, Premiere Pro for video, and After Effects for titling and other effects. That setup makes sense for large production companies, where each segment is the responsibility of a different individual. For advanced home users or smaller video-production houses, Vegas Pro 8's integrated approach of putting all of the major functions in the main application makes the process flow much more smoothly. read more...

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