Vegas Pro 9 first look

By Edward Troxel

NAB is often the launching point of many new products and this year is no different. At NAB, Sony brings a new version of Vegas to the table adding many new features.

Upon first opening Vegas, you will see an entirely new look. The interface now uses a darker palette which is much easier on the eyes when working in a dark environment. If you prefer the previous color scheme, that is also still available. Just go to Options- Preferences - Display

tab and uncheck the “Use Vegas color scheme” option.

You’ll also notice the default screen layout has changed. The trimmer window is now docked separately and the audio levels window is now right of the preview screen. Naturally these can all be changed as desired for those of us who seldom use the trimmer and would prefer the extra screen real-estate.

The new layout is in keeping with the new trimmer preview and editing options. As of Vegas Pro 8.0c, previews started defaulting to the hidden trimmer tab which was confusing for many users. With the trimmer now a separate dock, previewing in the trimmer is obvious. Plus the new layout is much closer to other NLE’s which have two preview screens. This makes the conversion from other NLE’s to Vegas more comfortable.

Once you get past the new look - what’s really new in Vegas Pro 9.0? First of all, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are now version 9.0. Unfortunately this means you’ll really need to further specify which version is being used when asking questions. The good news, however, is that the 64-bit version is tremendouslymore stable than Vegas Pro 8.1. read more - pdf newsletter

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