Vegas Stream: The New Streaming App on the Block

Introducing the new VEGAS Stream! VEGAS Creative Software announces VEGAS Stream, developed in partnership with NewBlue, which is aimed for content creators and broadcasters. With the COVID-19 pandemic, VEGAS Stream will help connect schools facility with students and corporate companies with their employees. ProVideo Coalition's Jose Antunes goes over the new VEGAS Stream in a recent article. Check out some of the highlights below.

"VEGAS Creative Software announced it is extending its video production and post-production expertise to the live streaming market with the launch of VEGAS Stream"
Jose Antunes - ProVideo 


VEGAS Stream provides professional-caliber live streaming feature sets with accessible, affordable price points. VEGAS Stream works with many apps and streaming services such as Microsoft Stream, Kaltura, Zoom, and more, making it ideal for schools, university, and business uses. 

With the pandemic, the world was introduced into a new way with connecting to their audience. Live virtual events has helped people connect with their audiences during these times and VEGAS Stream provides what is needed to make these live virtual events possible.

"With a simple studio setup and VEGAS Stream, you are good to host your own online show. The solution, VEGAS Creative Software claims,  allows you to produce live videos enhanced with multimedia, invite remote speakers and interact live with your audience with integrated social media."
Jose Antunes - ProVideo Coalition

 "Some key features of the VEGAS Stream launch include

  • Live switching between multiple video sources, with the option to be displayed in picture-in-picture layouts;
  • Ability to stream to Microsoft Stream or any other RTMP destination, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, all while quickly adding professional-quality overlay graphics and dynamic live titles;
  • Fluid integration with Social Media platforms enabling users to include live posts and comments from Twitter or Facebook directly into a live stream production;
  • Integration with internal communications and messaging platforms such as Microsoft Teams, and Skype, enabling productions to integrate messages as well as live video from Microsoft Teams or Skype calls;
  • Support for NDI enabling additional cameras, monitor feeds, and more."

Check out the full artcile going over the exciting news here




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