Video Card Review: NVIDIA Quadro CX Video Card

Videomaker by Charles Fulton

Quadr CXPedal to the Metal

Editor's note: Strictly speaking, NVIDIA Quadro CX refers only to the chipset on the video card. NVIDIA does not market video cards directly to end users. Rather, NVIDIA sells video chipsets to board manufacturers. The board that we tested was a sample provided to us directly by NVIDIA. We expect that the Quadro CX-based video cards that are available for purchase would have similar performance characteristics.

NVIDIA markets the chipset as an accelerator for Adobe Premiere Pro/Photoshop/After Effects CS4, TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress and a lot of other apps (check out NVIDIA's CUDA zone for more details).

Hardware-wise, the card is thick and huge (mainly since it includes a huge fan). It's a PCI Express x16 card that requires attachment of an additional 6-pin power connection. There's also an SLI connection - if you're made of money, you could buy two of these bad boys and tie them together to potentially get through even more work. read more...

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