Video-Editing Power For Non-Pros

PC Magazine by By Jan Ozer 09.23.04 Following years of growth in the video-editing software market, we're now seeing the emergence of a new class of software aimed at sophisticated home PC users. While earlier consumer-level packages shunned advanced concepts such as multitrack editing and chroma key capabilities, software developers have recognized that many early adopters are ready for more powerful software—but aren't ready or willing to tackle the $500-and-up packages intended for videographers. The newest entries in this upper-entry-level segment are Adobe Premiere Elements and Pinnacle Studio Plus 9. Studio9 plus To compare these programs, we created a 12-minute video project that included a variety of transitions and effects, including slow motion, chroma key, and picture-in-picture (PiP). Studio Plus won two of three trials, producing our DVD in 35 minutes 13 seconds, compared to 50:22 for Premiere Elements; and rendering to a Windows Media file in 31:36, compared to 38:12 for Premiere Elements. That better performance, combined with the program's polish and versatility, make Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 our Editors' Choice among consumer video-editing products. read the full article at

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