Video Editing Storage Solutions

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We examine several popular video editing storage solutions and determine the best for professional use.

Before I begin any film project I like to take stock of my data capabilities (I currently run a RAID system). Below I?ll give some quick rundowns on the various video editing storage solutions for filmmakers that I have come across in my experience and research over the years. Remember there are no right or wrong solutions here, it all comes down to what will best fit your workflow.

Know Your Format and Space Requirements

First things first, you want to determine how much storage you will need based on the format you will be using during the shooting/capture process. Get this info and then head over to Digital Rebellion and use their handy video space calculator, or download Digital Heaven?s useful VideoSpace app. Either one of these options will give you the information you need.

Now, make note of the bandwidth of your codec, for instance the bandwidth for a Sony FS700 AVCHD that I use is 3MB/s at 1080 running at the standard 30fps. Another format that I often use, RED Raw, running at 30fps is 162MB/s at 4K. So you can see there is quite a jump in bandwidth. Lastly, remember that when you edit multilayer projects the bandwidth will increase quite a bit, so you need to keep this in mind as well.

The Time Tested 3.5 Drive Solution

3.5 drives are the gold standard when it comes to desktops, and they are also a decent solution for video editing storage. I?ve used 3.5 drives over the years with a lot of success, and now with some models achieving bandwidth speeds of 150MB/s in sizes as high as 5-6TB these drives provide massive storage at affordable prices.

Keep in mind that if you select this storage type you want to make sure they deliver a speed of at least 7200 rpm, which most high-end drives will. read more...

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