Video Editors Need Enterprise Class Drives

Screen Shot 04-13-16 at 11.13 AMOne of the most crucial items in your video editing workflow is your choice of video storage. You need to make sure you are using the highest performing and most reliable hard drives you get. Enterprise class drives are designed for servers that require 24/7 reliability and uptime. They are specially designed to provide optimal RAID performance. For the past several years various industry publications have been doing reliability studies on Enterprise class drives and HGST comes out as the best every single time. G-Technology only uses HGST Enterprise Class 7200RPM hard drives in their G-RAID and G-Speed product lines, as well as in their latest full size USB3 G-Drives.
G-Technology Blog Not all gigs are created equal. In the right circumstances, enterprise-grade drives are worth their weight in gold, and they belong in far more environments than just the racks of a data center. Let’s examine why hard working professionals like you might need professional, enterprise-grade storage. Built For The Long Haul Consumer-grade hard drives don’t have to work very hard. A day of checking email, scrolling through social media, and light Web surfing isn’t very taxing. Hard drive manufacturers know this, so they produce desktop and laptop HDDs with lower endurance ratings. Enterprise-grade hard drives, on the other hand, are designed for heavy lifting and often operate non-stop in certain environments. To give you a rough idea of an enterprise-grade drive’s durability, let’s review the specifications for the enterprise-class HGST Ultrastar 7K6000, a 6TB drive. The Ultrastar’s MTBF (mean time between failures, a common measure of reliability) stands at 2 million hours. Reflecting this, HGST bestows the Ultrastar with a five-year warranty. Made For RAID Consumers may not understand the technology behind redundant arrays of independent disks (RAIDs), but you don’t need a Computer Science degree to understand that data redundancy is essential for protecting project files. Enterprise-grade drives are typically built with the assumption that they’ll be used in a RAID, so they have robust error correcting built in. read more...

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