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Sorenson Media by Kirk Punches

I often get asked about trends and what Sorenson Media may be working on to address the needs of the video professional/enterprise customer focused on encoding/transcoding. It's probably worth discussing what Sorenson Media is doing today - things that many of you may not be aware of. Our desktop application, Squeeze has been available since 2001 and we released v8 back in November. Additionally, we released a Pro version just recently which added support for Avid DNxHD® encoding, Apple ProRes (Mac version), and Dolby® Pro audio. In the past, our application was primarily used post-edit to compress into a variety output formats for web, mobile, DVD, and broadcast. With the release of Squeeze 8 Pro, we can now add additional value to support our customers (many of whom rely upon more than one NLE) - you can create ProRes files for FCP editors without having FCP or create DNxHD® for Avid straight from FCP (via Squeeze 8 Pro). This is a great time saver and welcome workflow enhancement.

What many don't realize is the integration of Squeeze Server into our desktop application. We've made it easy to add a server or servers from within the preferences section of Squeeze 8 or you can do this manually as you create jobs (right within the batch tree section). Why is this important? Encoding is very CPU intensive - you can basically forget about doing anything else on that machine once you begin compressing. And what if you have multiple editors creating content that needs to be encoding into more than one format (especially today with the use of adaptive bit rate encoding)? This integration provides an easy way to offload the CPU intensive encoding work to any server - this be a server farm running locally within your own data center or server you've installed in the cloud (see below for just how easy it is to add a server). read more...

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