Videomaker by Dr. Robert G. Nulph
VideomakerTeaching in today's world is more than the three R's... or computer use, for that fact. Video is now used for school newscasts, to interest kids about history or inspire budding video producers.
So your school has decided to incorporate a video program into its curriculum, and you have been nominated as the new "video person.† Calm down! Don't fret. Help is on the way. In this article, we will take a look at what goes into setting up a program, how you can create videos that can be used by the entire school district to motivate students and the various pitfalls and concerns of working with video in the educational setting.
Getting Your Gear Together
To set up a video program in your school, all you need is time, enthusiasm, a little bit of equipment, the pages of Videomaker and an idea of the program your administration has in mind. You will have to provide the time and enthusiasm yourself. Video production is a wonderfully creative endeavor, but it does take a bit of time to train yourself and then your students to the point where your programs are viewable without a dose of Dramamine prior to screenings. Don't expect wonderful things the first week, but, with today's students so immersed in the video culture, you will be surprised by the quality of video your students can achieve in a short amount of time. Your enthusiasm and hands-on guidance will go a long way to make your program successful. read more...

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