Video: “How Technology is Influencing Storytelling & Film”

By Vincent Laforet

I had the pleasure to be part of a panel at the Sundance Film Festival last week. Adobe invited filmmakers Sharlto Copley, Rob Legato, Jacob Rosenberg and myself to share some of our thoughts on where all of this new technology is taking us as filmmakers.

You might recognize Sharlto as the lead actor in District 9 and more recently "The A-Team." Rob Legato has worked on just about every major movie it seems as VFX Supervisor – from Titanic, Apollo 13, to Avatar and Hugo – he’s a VFX guru and he is a successful Director/DP as well. Jacob Rosenberg works with Bandito Brothers and heads their technology amongst many other things and most recently with DP Shane Hurlbut on "Act of Valor" which was shot mostly (70% or so) with Canon HDSLRs. Jacob also has a great documentary coming out soon at an upcoming festival – but I have to let him make that announcement himself.

This was a really great group to be a part of – I was definitely honored to be part of it. We had a great discussion on where technology is taking us, some of the challenges and successes we’ve experienced as filmmakers, and I think most of you will find some very good nuggets of wisdom in the video as well. I know I had a blast being part of it and can attest to it being an unusually good panel in terms of the content that was shared.

Click here to watch the video

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