Video Professionals Find a Compelling Video Editing Alternative with Dell Precision Workstations + NVIDIA Quadro Graphics

Dell by Scott Hamilton

In the last blog on this topic, we introduced you to the Dell Precision and NVIDIA video editing advisory program and the panel “Moving From Final Cut – Progress or Perils?” we were hosting at the SXSW Film Festival. We’ve had a very busy few months since then so I wanted to provide an update on the SXSW panel, the video editing program, NAB and our new line of Dell Precision workstations.

The SXSW Film panel was attended by more than 50 people and inspired honest conversations about moving from Final Cut Pro over to Adobe Premiere Pro software on a PC platform. The four panelists were former Final Cut Pro users and all agreed that Final Cut Pro X wasn’t going in the direction they wanted it to and admitted it was missing some key professional features. As professionals who make their living off of and require professional-grade software and hardware, they were feeling abandoned. They were all looking for a new professional, fast and stable video editing solution. After the panel it was clear they found one: Dell Precision workstations with NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics and Adobe Premiere Pro software.

During the panel, Erik Horn of Arts + Labor said working on a Dell Precision workstation has been much faster and smoother than on a Mac and that he likes that the workstations are built to take advantage of Adobe’s upgrades and improvements in CS5.5. He also noted that transitioning to Adobe Premiere Pro was actually much easier than learning Final Cut X. James Fox of DawnRunner Productions said he was impressed with the accelerated performance seen on a Dell Precision T7500 combined with NVIDIA Maximus and the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine. Andrew Baldwin of RD&F Advertising said the Dell workstation does exactly what he needs it to do, provides him with a very fast and stable platform, and is very pleased with the way the software and hardware handles his Red Epic Footage. Tom Baurain of Red Owl said he likes the fact that Dell and NVIDIA video editing solutions enable him to take advantage of the GPU and CPU as speed is everything to him and he doesn’t get paid to sit around. You can see a video of the SXSW panel below. read more...

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