Video Review: AJA Ki Pro Rack Tapeless Video Recorder

Church Production by Mark Hanna

Its volunteer-friendly interface and very high quality video offer a fantastic replacement for the standard VTR

Let me start by addressing a few misconceptions I have heard about this company and its Ki Pro products. First, the company name is three letters. Say them; A-J-A, don’t try to sound them out. Second, the product family is Ki, pronounced “key.” Now that that is cleared that up once and for all, let’s take a look AJA’s Ki Pro Rack, one of the latest releases in the Ki Pro family of tapeless recording products, which includes the Ki Pro, Ki Pro Mini, and Ki Pro Quad.

AJA has developed an excellent reputation for itself with this family, and the Ki Pro Rack continues that tradition. At its most basic level, the Ki Pro Rack is a 1RU VTR (video tape recorder), except that it’s a tapeless capture device, so getting video off it is easier than any VTR. There are really three things that are important for this or any piece of technology being used in churches: ease-of-use, quality, and flexibility. The Ki Pro Rack succeeds at all of these factors.


One of best things about this unit is its simplicity; anything that requires a master’s degree to use is really going to be a tough sell in a market that is saturated with volunteer end-users. AJA really does a great job by starting with a simple front panel interface that is familiar and easy to navigate, and then follows through with simple menu navigation. read more...

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