Video Switchers for Streaming Suitable for Churches

We rounded up this article from Worship Tech Director because it features streaming video switchers for churches and worship services. If you are a church looking to start live streaming, this is a good place to start. The author makes a great point at the end, "A few years ago, there was a statistic floating around about how people will watch your service online six or seven times before they ever attend your church in person. If there is any accuracy in that, your church can’t afford to miss meeting these potential newcomers where they are." These are the switchers reviewed, some available here at, take a look at the article below for details: EpiphanFrom Worship Tech Director

Typically, streaming is a feature that is seen more on smaller video switchers, rather than the full-size production switchers. This is great for churches, because many churches don’t need a full-blown large production switcher to fulfill their needs.

Most of the streaming switchers stream one of two ways: The first option is for the switcher to have an Ethernet port that can directly deliver encoded web-ready video. The second option is a USB connection to deliver video in a format that a computer can ingest and then stream. For the purposes of this article, we will refer to these as capable or enabled, respectively...[continue reading]

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