Video Tour of NewTek NDI Central NAB Exhibitors

Sixteen NDI® developers showcased a wide range of media production tools this year in NewTek’s NDI Central booth, SL5616, in the South Lower Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 8-11. In addition, other vendors across the NAB floor were also showing production tools that engaged NDI for IP-based video production using standard networks.

NewTek’s video production team spoke with plenty of these exhibitors in this video tour of the NAB 2019 NDI presenters. We also took the time with a few before the show, for an NDI Central podcast series. Finally, we have info summaries drawn from TVTechnology’s coverage below for those we were not able to mmet at the show. Taken together, we see a great cross-section of the wide range of applications for NewTek’s NDI technology shown at NAB 2019. Click here for the full article.

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