Video Tutorial of a New Datavideo Worship Bundle - Live-switch and stream your worship production for less than $3,000

Paul Schmulter of Braintrust Digital prepared this article and video tutorial for Streaming Media Producer highlighting a new bundle from Datavideo that is available now at In the new worship video workflow from Datavideo described in this article and video tutorial, with just three products, you can switch up to four HD cameras and stream to your favorite CDN, while simultaneously recording an MP4 file to a USB thumb drive or external hard drive--all for around $3,000. In this tutorial, Paul demonstrates a new live video workflow from Datavideo. Datavideo has been in business for 30 years and has always provided affordable solutions for the house of worship customer. Perhaps your church is still recording in standard definition and creating DVDs. Maybe you’re ready for HD, but think it’s just too cost-prohibitive. In this article and the accompanying video, Paul will show you how the Datavideo Worship bundle, with just three products, you can switch up to four HD cameras and stream to your favorite CDN, while simultaneously recording an MP4 file to a USB thumb drive or external hard drive--all for around $3,000. Let’s start by taking a look at a brand new four-input HD switcher from Datavideo. Datavideo SE-700 Digital Video Switcher The new Datavideo SE-700 Digital Video Switcher is an affordable, feature-packed hardware switcher plus control surface at a truly breakthrough price. It can accept two HD-SDI and two HDMI inputs for video and camera feeds (Figure 2, below). Two XLR ports are provided for audio input. Two SDI and one HDMI ports provide output options, and the HDMI output provides a multiview display. All outputs are configurable for added flexibility, and customizable to fit any workflow. The switcher’s backlit controls include standard features one would expect in a hardware switcher, such as T-bar, transitions and frame store. The luma and chroma keyers included with the switcher featured garbage matte and spill suppression to ensure a clean image when a green screen effect is required. nvs-25Datavideo NVS-25 Video Streaming Server The second Datavideo product included in their House of Worship kit is the NVS-25 Video Streaming Server. This rack-mountable unit can be set up to broadcast an H.264 encoded live stream while simultaneously recording to a USB thumb drive or external hard disk up to 1 TB. The NVS-25 can stream an embedded audio source or pair up an external source to the video feed. Datavideo DAC-70 converterDatavideo DAC-70 Cross Converter The final Datavideo product used in this test drive is the DAC-70 Cross Converter (Figure 7, below). This little box packs a healthy dose of input-output options into a tiny package. It will accept VGA, SDI, and HDMI inputs, and provides up to 1080p output in any of those three connections. The DAC-70 can double as an audio embedder and splitter as well. You can also connect a laptop for graphics or a camera for IMAG. Taking the Workflow to Church I found a church with an existing video system that we could plug and play all of the Datavideo equipment into. Setup was a breeze. The church's Sony cameras integrated right into the SE-700 using the DAC-70 Cross Converter to bring in HDMI connections to two of the inputs. Once we made all of the connections to the SE-700, our attention turned to setting up the NVS-25 Video Streaming Server. We had YouTube Live and Ustream set up on the NVS-25 in just a few minutes, ready to stream our program. We tested an HD broadcast through both YouTube and Ustream. The NVS-25 can record directly to an external USB hard drive or thumb drive, serving as a local backup to the stream that you stream in YouTube archive. The SE-700 was right at home in the production workflow. Switches and transitions were smooth and seamless. The Picture-in-Picture feature allowed us to put together some creative shots with two cameras at once. Throughout the one-hour broadcast, the Datavideo equipment performed flawlessly, never failing to execute every command with precision. Delivering Worship Video on a Budget For houses of worship on limited budgets that need to serve their congregations with live stream video, Datavideo has the equipment to meet those needs. With the SE-700 at $1,799, the NVS-25 at $800, and the DAC-70 at $500, an end-to-end, live broadcasting solution can be implemented for the same price or less than a competitor’s switcher alone. For a limited time only, this complete bundle is available at a discounted price of $2,999, complete with connection diagrams and recommended configurations.

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