Video Tutorial: Using StreamStar for Slow-Motion and Replays

Streamstar live streaming and production software and kits allow you to set up your own DIY live streaming workstation or laptop. The Streamstar software is very robust and feature rich. In this tutorial you'll learn how to use the Replay & Slow-Motion features for your live sports and action productions

Streamstar - Replays and Slow-Motion Tutorial

In this video, you will learn the ease of use and efficiency of the Streamstar all camera Replays and Slow Motion playback system, indispensable for any kind of sports production.

The Streamstar Live Production Studio is the only product on the market with such an advanced, yet easy to use Replay/Slomo System that will bring your productions to a whole new, professional level.

Streamstar offers a range of complete live production and streaming solutions to satisfy every customer and every type of production. You can download a free trial of Streamstar here.


Streamstar SW

Multi-camera, live production and streaming studio software with an intuitive, touch-enabled user interface offers incredible flexibility, greatest creative freedom, remarkable speed and ease of use.

Streamstar KITs

Turn your PC into a multi-camera, live TV studio! Easy to install software with capture cards packages - the best and most affordable streaming solutions on the market. In a few minutes you'll be streaming like a pro right from your own PC.

Streamstar - Live production smarter, faster, easier.

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