Video University Course: How To Start or Expand a Successful Home-Based Business Producing Corporate Videos

Is Your Video Production Business Growing?
The old platitude is that if you're not growing, you're dying. But it's not that simple. Growth is not always about bigger. You can grow to be better, smarter or any number of things. One thing is sure. You can't just stay the same. This world is changing too quickly and, in business, you need to be nimble and change with the tides. If your customers are changing, you'd better be right with them.

Growing can be painful. Sometimes you have to leave the status quo just when it was getting most comfortable. The pain or anxiety can force a business to do new things. If you're ready to recharge and refocus your business, here's one suggestion:

Rethink How You Market Your Services

Professional Video Producer is a home study course that gives you the marketing tools and sales insight to take your video business to the next level. Learning how to market and sell your services to businesses, non-profits and corporations is one of the best moves you can make to insure long term success in the video business. Never wonder again how you can afford new equipment. Professional Video Producer: How To Start or Expand a Successful Home-Based Business Producing Corporate Videos

Here are some excerpts from the course:

    Study the sales and marketing of successful companies. Production Companies are an obvious place to start. Less obvious are some of the large duplication companies. Many of them are experts at selling businesses on the benefits of video. Do not steal copy. Instead, develop your own sense of what makes compelling copy. Start by keeping a swipe file of outstanding sales letters and marketing materials you find. The one thing they will have in common is that they are aimed at solving a client’s problem.

    It costs five times as much to land a new client as it does to resell an existing client. Keep in regular touch with every past client you’ve ever had. Send them birthday and holiday cards. Even the bad ones will often surprise you and reward you with referrals and more work. The list of your existing clients is the most valuable asset of your business.

    When you sell production services, always sell related services such as duplication, YouTube help, graphic design, photography, social marketing, etc. You'll continue earning profits for years after the production. You can farm out duplication, for instance, to one of the larger duplication companies and make a good profit just for making a couple of phone calls.
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That last tip about selling related services to the same customer is important. Customers are like gold. They are expensive and time-consuming to acquire. So when you get one, you want to offer him every related service he might need. Why should he go to anyone else? Don't leave money on the table. He choose you for video production, why should he need to go any where else for related services. Even if you can't do the job yourself, you certainly know the best people in your area to do particular freelance work.

Having this network of skilled freelancers in your contact list makes you invaluable. And will bring you more work. Just changing your thinking on this one point could make an enormous difference in your business. The course above fully expands this idea.

The ramifications are powerful. You might get a big animation job even though you are not an animator. It's happened to me. I knew a great animator and was in the right place to put the job together. That's really what a producer does -bring together the best team to do the job and manage the job. Get to know the video people in your area who do things well. Is there a great time-lapse shooter, writer, graphic designer, web marketing, etc.

There's nothing wrong with being a one-man band. Many jobs are only appropriate or profitable when done by one. The danger is that you can become type cast as a great person to do the down and dirty productions, but nothing more.

When you set your business up to go for more complex productions with bigger budgets, your demo reel and prospects will take a great step forward. You will be perceived as the go-to producer who can get the job done.

There are many other smart strategies for the video producer in this course. It is guaranteed to help your video business grow or your money back.

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