Videography: Low Cost, High Definition

By Staff Oct 11, 2004, 15:52 Sony HDV There was a time when high definition production was a reality only for broadcast networks with deep pockets. Today that reality has been shattered with the availability of sub-$4,000 HD cameras and $7,000 HD production systems (including a single-chip camera) that can deliver content in myriad digital formats and resolutions for worldwide distribution. While many attribute HD's new affordability to companies such as JVC, with its "HD for the Masses" strategy, and Apple, which offers Final Cut Pro HD, most agree that it was only a matter of time before cost-effective HD technology—the new HDV format, for example—would find a market. In general, producing in HD gives programs a longer shelf life and a wider reach in terms of selling programming into different world markets. From a 720p or 1080i HDV master, virtually every world format can be created and distributed with relative ease. read more...

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