Videography review: Medéa G-RAID

By Todd Sali Sep 30, 2004 Medea G-Raid Hard drives have done as much to democratize video editing as the DV format has. Multiple streams of uncompressed video and even more of DV are now possible with Apple Final Cut Pro HD and others because fast hard drives are now affordable and available. Medà ©a was among the first companies to offer low-cost RAID storage, which made editing affordable for a greater number of independent filmmakers and small companies. Popular hardware RAID options are available from Medà ©a, Huge Systems and others. Apple's Xserve RAID, which also uses low-cost hard drives, transfers data over Fibre Channel. Medà ©a's Fibre Channel solution, VideoRaid XTRM, recently began shipping. At the same time, FireWire is making some serious progress in the form of FireWire 800. Though we are all excited about the promise of video over FireWire, the capability thus far has been suitable primarily for DV and file transfer/backup. Thanks to FireWire 800 and Medà ©a's hardware RAID experience, however, we now have another option: the G-RAID from Medà ©a. read more...

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