Videoguys 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

Videoguys' 2011 Holiday Gift Guide
Recommendations for Videographers & Editors at Every Price! these difficult economic times the one thing that is on everyone's mind is savings and value. We've kept that in mind with this year's Videoguys' Holiday Gift Guide.

We've broken the guide into several categories that I think will help make your holiday shopping easier:

  1. Training - Beginners and professionals all enjoy handy reference materials to improve their editing skills
  2. Gizmos & Gadgets - Low-priced recommendations for everyone!
  3. Software Gifts for Students & Beginners
  4. Software Upgrades and Crossgrades! Find out how you can take advantage of the software you already own to save big on the latest and greatest software tools
  5. Hardware - Do you need more video storage, Hardware I/O or a CUDA based GPU?
  6. Plug-Ins - Another way to get more from what you have with recommendations under $100
  7. Audio for Video - Improve your video by adding professional quality audio tools at an affordable price
  8. Videoguys Gift Cards - Great last minute gift idea! Videoguys' Virtual Gift Cards will arrive in your inbox quickly and are on sale now at 5% off!
  9. Vidoeguys Special Holiday Bundles of Software and Storage

We realize that many of you are shopping for yourselves, but that doesn't mean you can't "guide" your family and friends to find the perfect gift for you that meets their budget and will bring you an extra little bit of holiday cheer! is also a great place to spend those American Express or Visa/MC gift cards given to you by friends and family. We will gladly accept multiple gift cards and/or credit cards for any purchase at Just call our sales staff at 800-323-2325 to place your order and give us payment instructions.

This year our first shopping suggestion this Holiday Season is to invest in training!

What's the best way to make better videos, learn how to more fully use the tools you already have! If you're a beginning editor, or if you've just stepped up from a basic video editing program into a full featured NLE, training is worth it's weight in gold. There is no better way to get up to speed and comfortable with the new interface and tools of your software. Even seasoned editors can learn a few new tricks or 'secrets' that will make editing better, faster and more enjoyable.

One of the other benefits of training is how often you find out that the tool/ effect / transition you wanted was always there, but it just wasn't easy to find.

For this holiday season we are offering some fantastic deals on training.
Class On Demand Black Card
Any ONE Title for 2 Years!

The COD Black Card has up to a $199 value and entitles you to choose any single title from the huge library of COD online courses! Just pick the title you want and access that course at any time for up to 2 years. As a special promotion you may add this card for just $1.00 to any Videoguys purchase of $100 or more! Hurry! Special expires 12/31/11


with purchase of $100 or more. Reg $129.95

Class On Demand Training Sapphire Card - All titles, Unlimited for 1 year

Class On Demand Sapphire Card
A Full Year of Unlimited Training

The COD Sapphire Card gives you a full-year of unlimited access to all COD online titles. COD’s huge training library grows every day and covers today’s most popular software and hardware products. You will also have instant access ALL new titles added throughout the year. This a special offer just for Videoguys Customers. Watch as many On-Demand training courses you can and as often as you like for the next year!

SPECIAL $149.00

1 year instant access to ALL Class on Demand Online Titles!!

Class On Demand Training PLATINUM Card - All Titles, Unlimited for 2 years

Class On Demand Platinum Card
Two Full Years of Unlimited Training

The COD Platinum Card gives you the same unlimited access as the Sapphire Card but is good for TWO years! With hundreds of hours of training (with new titles added regularly) to choose from, this is the absolute best value for the serious digital content creator who wants more from their tools from the leader in online. This special promotion is only for Videoguys customers for a very limited time!


2 years instant access to ALL Class on Demand Online Titles!!

VASST Video Production Bundle for All VideographersVASST Video Production Bundle with Training for All Videographers

We're also bringing back one of last years top sellers! We put together some great titles bundled together from VASST that should be considered required viewing for anyone who wants to get into videography and learn proper lighting and audio techniques, how to work with the new AVCHD format, and even how to make money in the video business.

- VASST AVCHD Training ($39 value)
- VASST Now Hear This! Superior Sound for Digital Video ($79.95 value)
- VASST Light 'Em Up - Basic Lighting Gear and Applications ($55 value)
- VASST Making Money Making Video - learn the keys to success in video production ($45 value)


A half dozen items that are great to own, are very affordable, and deliver a tremendous amount of bang for the buck!

Bella Professional Series NLE Keyboards

Bella Professional 3.0 for Adobe Premeire ProThese color coded keyboards allow you to quickly learn and use the keyboard shortcuts integrated into your favorite editing application. By using shortcuts you will become a more efficient editor.

What makes these keyboards even more unique is their integrated jog shuttle. I still find using a shuttle to be the most natural way to scroll through a timeline or control my decks during capture.

We offer the Bella EZ Keyboard Pro for Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas at a special price - Your choice for only $129.95!

Contour Design Shuttle Pro
Shuttle Pro Version 2

I've always liked the Shuttle Pro, it's a very handy accessory for your editing suite. I find that the combination of the jog shuttle and programmable keys makes it a real time saver when I'm editing. The folks at Contour offer presets for just about every video editing program out their, including the new Apple FCPX. But you do not have to limit yourself to these, you can customize it as you like, to make it fit seamlessly into your editing workflow.

The Shuttle Pro is $99.95, but we offer a special discounted price of $75 if you add it to any order.

Pioneer BDR-206 Blu-ray Disc Burner - New low price just $95 Pioneer BDR-206 Internal Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD Writer without any software

The BDR-206 is now less then a hundred bucks. We also offer the BDR-206 in an External MEGA Bundle with an eSATA/USB2 housing and a 10 Disc Spindle of Verbatim BD-R media for just $149.95!

If you are shooting and editing HD video the time has come for you to start authoring and delivering your content on Blu-ray Disc. The latest versions of all our video editing programs support Blu-ray Disc burning and authoring, and we've got some fantastic Blu-ray Disc bundles available that make upgrading your system very affordable.

We recommend using Roxio Toast (for Mac) or Creator 2011 Pro (for Windows) to back up and archive all your original HD tapeless footage. This is why we offer bundles starting at just $175 which include the BDR-206 and Roxio software.

Hauppauge HD-PVR ($188) and Hauppauge Colossus ($149)

Hauppauge HD PVR High Definition Personal Video Recorder 1212A fantastic gift for the gamer in your family is the Hauppauge HD PVR or Colossus. They are High Definition video recorder for making real-time H.264 compressed recordings at resolutions up to 1080i. They are fantastic for capturing and recording their game play into their Windows based desktop or laptop computer. Once captured they can bring the clips into any editing program to add additional audio, commentary, titles to produce videos that they can later share with their friends on YouTube, Facebook or any of their favorite websites.

HD PVR records component video (YCrCb) from video game consoles and cable TV and satellite set top boxes, with a built-in IR blaster to automatically change TV channels for scheduled recordings.

Colossus also has an HDMI input port, so you can record HD video at up to 1080i from a un-encrypted HDMI source. Note: most cable and satellite TV set top boxes encrypt HDMI output, so you cannot record from these sources. SOFTWARE GIFTS FOR STUDENTS & ASPIRING VIDEO EDITORS
Do you have a Student in your family who is looking to get started in video editing? Did you know that both Avid and Adobe offer incredible discounts on the student version of their software?

Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium Student & Teacher Edition, Mac

Adobe Production Premium CS5.5. Student and Teacher Edition is only $449!

That is over a thousand bucks cheaper then the retail version. You get all the same great software including Adobe Premiere Pro, Encore, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and more!!

Avid Media Composer 6 - Boxed Upgrade from MC5.5

Avid offers the Student version of Media Composer 6 for just $295!

That's over $2,000 less then the commercial copy. You get the same exact software, including Avid DVD, Avid FX and Sorenson Squeeze. Avid also offers a student bundle of Media Composer 6 and ProTools for just $495! WOW! If your student is interested in pursuing a career in video production, media, Professional Post or Independent Filmmaking, you should definitely get them either Avid or Adobe this holiday season. If they've been extra nice - get them both!! It is an investment in their future.

Avid Studio

Avid Studio ($115)

Perhaps your student isn't hoping to be the next Spielberg, she just wants to make some videos to share with friends. Get them Avid Studio. Unlike some of the low end, low cost consumer video editing packages found in your local superstore, Avid Studio is a real video editing program, loaded with features and goodies, but without the big price tag or complexity. You don't need to invest a whole lot of time learning it, but the more you edit the more powerful it will become for you. Avid Studio is great for Middle Schooler on up, it's also a great gift for grandpa or an uncle who wants to start editing some video - even video from his DSLR!

Make no mistake about it, the two biggest releases of 2011 are Avid Media Composer 6 and Adobe Production Premium CS5.5! Both Avid and Adobe allow you to edit your native HD files directly.

If you are still editing on Final Cut Pro you are spending far too much time converting and re-wrapping instead of editing. 2011 was the year of the Crossgrade, and while the initial offers may have expired, you can still find HUGE savings when you switch to Avid or Adobe. If you're an Avid or Adobe editor and you have not upgraded yet ........ what the heck are you waiting for!! These are must have, killer upgrades that add features, performance and have set the bar for tapeless workflows.

Adobe Production Premium CS5.5

Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium Mac

The Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 Mercury Playback engine allows you to edit multiple layers of DSLR or AVCHD footage in real-time. You'll need to make sure you have a CUDA equipped graphics card, but that's a small price to pay for such outstanding performance. The integration between all of the applications just keeps getting better. I love being able to round trip footage from premiere Pro to the new Warp Stabilizer in After Effects with just a few mouse clicks! This holiday season Adobe is offering 20% off on Production Premium upgrades!

If you own Photoshop CS, After Effects 7 or any old copy of Premiere or Premiere Pro then you qualify for what Adobe calls their Point Product upgrade for $879. That means that for Under $900 you can upgrade to the full Production Premium CS5. If that's over your budget, but you have an old copy of Premiere hanging around, you can upgrade to Premiere Pro CS5.5 for just $239! Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 gives you the new Mercury Playback engine plus Adobe Encore for DVD & Blu-ray authoring.

This past summer Adobe was running a Promotion to get both Mac and PC users to Make the Switch from Apple Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer to Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium. The promotion was a tremendous success and it was our most successful Adobe sale in years. However, like all good things, the Switcher promotion came to an end in October.

While doing our year-end inventory in the warehouse we discovered that we had some of the promotional inventory left over. We cost-averaged it with our existing inventory and we are now able to offer the full Adobe Production Premium CS5.5. for just $999 (for an extremely limited time and quantity). You do not have to provide proof of ownership of any Apple, Avid or previous Adobe software. All you need to do is hurry up and buy one before they run out! This offer is only while supplies last!

Avid Media Composer 6

Avid Media Composer 6 Crossgrade for Final Cut Editors

Avid Media Composer 6 adds AMA support for AVCHD and 3rd party hardware from Matrox, AJA, MOTU, BMD and Bluefish. Videoguys is offering fantastic bundle savings when you upgrade to Avid Media Composer 6 with hardware! With MC6 AMA allows you to edit with the original native files (AVCHD, DSLR, XD CAM, P2, EPIC, ProRes, DNxHD), no conversions or special encoding required. MC6 takes this even further, allowing you to mix 7 match HD footage for multiple sources, in different HD settings, CODECs and even frame-rates.

If, over the years, you've switched from Avid to another NLE - Avid Wants You Back! All you need is your old Xpress DV, Xpress Pro or Media Composer dongle and you can upgrade to the full Media Composer 6 with all 3rd party software for just $575. The upgrade includes Avid Media Composer 6, Avid DVD, Avid FX and Sorenson Squeeze.

Apple Final Cut Pro editors can Crossgrade to Avid Media Composer for just $1,475 or also take advantage of a money-saving bundle with hardware and the Avid Crossgrade!

Grass Valley EDIUS 6 Crossgrade Special Grass Valley EDIUS 6 Crossgrade- $399.95

Grass Valley Edius 6 enhances the industry's most comprehensive and powerful multi-format editing platform, with expanded capabilities to help broadcasters, independent professional video editors, and prosumers continue to streamline their workflows with increased speed, wider format support, and improved system efficiency.

EDIUS 6 gives users the ability to work with any video standard up to 1080p50/60 or 4K digital cinema resolution. Also, all major codecs in use in the industry are supported natively, with no transcoding required even when different compression formats are mixed on the timeline. In addition users are able to preview effects in real time. For a limited time you can crossgrade from almost any video editing software, professional or consumer, to the full Edius 6 for just $399

Sony Vegas Pro 11

Sony Vegas Pro 11- $399.95 Crossgrade/Upgrade Available for a Limited Time Only

Sony Vegas Pro 11 is simply an incredible value to get such a powerful NLE at an unbelievably low price. With version 11, Sony has dramatically improved the rendering and playback engine. Now Vegas Pro 11 can handle tapeless HD footage like a champ! They also improved the 3D Stereoscopic editing. While this is pretty cool, we realize that not too many folks are actually editing 3D yet.

Sony claims that Vegas 11 is almost 4x faster when working with HD footage.. What this means for you is that that you can now work nicely with your DSLR footage even running an older Quad-core computer. Put it on a new i7 machine running Win7 64-bit and you'll be amazed at how smoothly you can handle even multiple streams of DSLR footage!. Videoguys is offering a Vegas Pro 11 upgrade/ crossgrade for $399 this holiday season!

This next section includes a bunch of Holiday Gift Ideas for hardware that videographers appreciate and wrap up nicely in a gift box!

Avid Artist Series years ago Avid technology purchased Euphonix, the makers of control surfaces for DAW and NLE applications. Since then Avid has been busy making them more compatible with multiple applications and both PC and Mac. With the introduction of Media Composer 6 Avid has taken this integration to the next level, especially with Artist Color. Not only can you use this as your control surface when color correcting inside MC6, you can use the jog wheels to actually control clips in multiple viewing windows!

Artist Control ($1,399) is a a compact control surface with unmatched integration and programmability that acts and feels like a physical extension of your software. allows you to take deep, hands-on control of your favorite audio and video applications such as Pro Tools, Media Composer, Apple Logic, Apple Final Cut Pro, Steinberg Cubase and more.

Artist Color ($1,450) is a color grading control surface that offers a host of trackballs, trackwheels, encoders and more to provide colorists with interactive, hands-on control of Apple Color, Autodesk Smoke, RED REDCINE-X, The Foundry STORM in addition to Media Composer 6.

Artist Mix ($1,259) brings the unparalleled audio mixing speed, resolution and DAW integration of Euphonix's high-end professional consoles to the personal studio.

Artist Transport ($375) is a compact media controller that enables you to quickly navigate and edit projects with just one hand. Get the features and tactile feel of a high-end console transport section in a more affordable, portable solution that’s ideal for laptop use—and the perfect add-on to Artist Control, Mix and/or Artist Color.

G-Tech G-RAID 4TB (4th Generation)G-Tech G-RAID (4TB now only $429.00)

Lets face it, if you edit video, especially HD video, then the one thing you can always use is more storage. The G-Tech G-RAIDs have been our go to external drive solution for years. With the move to 64-bit computing, everyone you can now take full advantage of the 4TB model.

As you may be aware, flooding in Thailand created massive disruptions in hard drive production. As soon as we heard the news we put in a very large order with G-Tech for GRAID4- 4TBs. We took in everything we could at the old price, before the price went up. We thought we had sold out of units over Black Friday weekend. You can imagine how psyched we were to learn that a last batch was in transit to us and would be hitting our warehouse later that week. That is why Videoguys is able to sell the G-RAID4 4TB model for $429! We have also built it into bundles with all our most popular NLEs!!

The superior design is what makes G-RAIDs so much better than other external storage solutions. G-RAIDs are sleek and sexy, taking their design cues from Apple, and they are engineered for the video editing environment. Heat is the enemy of your hard drives. G-RAIDs have superior cooling that protects your drives and allows them to operate at peak performance and reliability for years. Unlike most competitive solutions that cut corners on cooling and materials, G-Tech uses only the best – down to the drives they include inside each G-RAID. They have the highest quality standards and controls in the industry - which is why they are the most reliable and dependable video storage company and why G-RAIDs are our go-to choice for video storage.

SOHORAID SR4 Enclosure with Hardware RAID 0,5

STARDOM Storage SohoRAID 4 ($329.95)

One of the results of the drive shortage is that we have not only seen drive shortages, but the prices of our external drive solutions keep going up. So what can you do if you want an external 4 drive RAID 5 solution at the lowest possible cost? Easy. make your own! With the RADION SohoRAID 4R you can build your own DIY external RAID 5 solution with superb throughput and redundancy. The SR4 connects to your PC or Mac via 3G e-SATA, FireWire 800 or USB 3.0. SWEET!

NVIDIA Quadro 4000 by PNY for PC or Mac ($829.00)

NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac Professional Graphics BoardFor years we have been recommending Quadro cards to our professional customers who demand the highest level of performance, reliability and stability. Quadro cards come with a Premium over gaming cards, but for Professional content creators, the extra cost is often worth it. In a nut shell, many tech support issues we run into are graphics card related. While you may be able to save some bucks going with a gaming card, we feel confident that if you invest in a Quadro4000, you'll be happy you did!

The world's best under $1,000 graphics card for the Adobe CS5 Mercury Playback Engine!

With the introduction of the Mercury Playback engine Adobe Premiere becomes the world's first CUDA optimized NLE solution. The Quadro4000 taps into the new Fermi technology, which is basically CUDA on steroids. For under $900 the Quadro4000 delivers performance that blows away the almost twice as expensive QuadroFX4800 cards. The Quadro4000MAC is the must have upgrade for Mac based Adobe CS5 users. Now for under $1,000 you can edit multiple layers of native DSLR or AVCHD footage, plus incredible graphics performance with Photoshop, After Effects and all the other software in the Adobe Production Premium.

Hardware I/O for Adobe and Avid Editors

The great thing about today's tapeless HD workflows is that we no longer have to worry about capturing video. The great thing about Avid Media Composer 6 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5. is that they can edit these files natively. So all we have to do is drag & drop them onto our video drive and start editing.

So why do you still need I/O hardware? The main reason is for output. With HDMI HD outputs you can monitor your timeline in full resolution on any off the shelf HDTV. That means you can use both your computer monitors for editing real-estate, while the HDTV becomes your 3rd monitor for previews. You may also need to output your timeline into a deck, or another device. Professionals need SDI for this, while prosumers can get by with HDMI and analog output. Even with tapeless workflows, people come to you with older footage or tape based footage that you still need to capture. Today's I/O hardware lets you up/down/cross convert your footage.

We have hardware I/O solutions from Matrox, AJA, Bluefish444, Motu and Grass Valley. Video converters from Grass Valley - including the new ADVC-G series - Aja and Matrox. Tapeless acquisition solutions from Fast Forward Video, Atomos, AJA and Datavideo. And more...

One of the least expensive ways to add new features and performance to your existing NLE is to add software plug-ins. Plug-ins give you new effects, tools and sometimes even the ability to handle additional formats. We've picked out a few of our favorites, all now available to you for under $100!

Boris Continuum Units

Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) is one of the top rated and most used plug-ins by professional editors. It's provides you with hundreds of additional filters and effects, all with professional level keyframing. Best of all, it utilizes the look and feel of your editing application so there is not a huge learning curve.

Unfortunately, Boris Continuum Complete is a bit expensive for the casual videographer who doesn't have the revenue stream of the pros. However, Boris FX spends a lot of time listening to their customers and last year they began offering some of the individual Continuum filters and effects as affordable plug-ins called Units.

We now have more than 20 different Boris Continuum Units that are all available ala carte and range in price from $99.95 to $299.95. We also offer some mini-packs that combine several BCC Units at a great price and value.

Singular Software PluralEyes for Apple Final Cut Pro

Singular Software PluralEyes - $149.00

PluralEyes is an exciting new product for video editors that automatically synchronizes audio and video clips, without the need for timecode, clappers or any special preparation. Makes multicamera, dual-system audio and multi-take projects a snap.

PluralEyes saves hours in post-production for multi-camera edits, dual-system audio or multi-take workflows such as music videos. It automatically synchronizes all your audio and video clips without the need for timecode, clappers or any special preparation.

PluralEyes is available for Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere pro or Sony Vegas Pro

DigiEffects Damage ESDDigiEffects Damage and Delirium

If you're like many videographers you're always looking for a way to make your footage more interesting and stand out from the crowd. Digieffects Plug-ins allow you to change the look of your footage.

Damage ($49.95) allows you to make your video look older, like a vintage TV show or like it was shot on an older video format, or like watching TV in the country with rabbit ear antenna. Try using it in your montage or if you're integrating older VHS footage of the kids into a video you are making for a celebration or wedding. It's also great if you're trying to use flashbacks or shots that you want the audience to think happened a long time ago.

Delirium ($99.95) offers 44 different effects spread across five categories: Phenomena, Color, Distort, Mood and Composite (see below for entire list). These effects let you inexpensively add greater control and quality to the built-in features of your host application.

DigiEffects Damage and Delirium are downloadable software that you can have the same day from

Smartsound Sonicfire Pro Bundle for Adobe Editors

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 Bundle for Adobe EditorsThe soundtrack is just as important to your video as the video footage. It is a great way to set the mood or tempo of your production. You will not find a better, more affordable soundtrack creation tool then Sonicfire Pro, and you don't have to be a musician to use it. Sonicfire Pro's Mood Mapping feature lets you control the mix of instruments used during the soundtrack to help set the mood. Start with just a few strings, bring in some horns then build to your crescendo with a full percussion section! It sounds hard, but it's actually very easy to do with Sonicfire Pro.

Another benefit of SmartSound's software is that all of their music libraries are royalty free and you can use them whenever and wherever you want. Video sharing sites like YouTube will pull the audio from your video if they feel you are using music you do not have the rights to but when you use Sonicfire Pro this is NEVER a problem.

We have a special Sonicfire Pro Scoring Editing bundle for Adobe Editors that includes Sonicfire Pro 5 plus the plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects all for just $149.90.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks

Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks 1.2 (ESD)One of the best selling, most award winning plug-ins of all time is Red Giant's Magic Bullet. Magic Bullet lets you manipulate the color scheme of your video in order to give it a different feel or, as they like to call it, "Look."

Red Giant Quick Looks is an easy to use library of 100 pre-made "Looks" that you can add to your video for only $89.95. With just one click you can give your footage just the right style, whether it’s a urban grunge, a desert sunrise, or the film stocks used in classic movies. Magic Bullet DeepColorRT taps into your GPU so you can preview and render your Looks with blazing speed.

One of the most important aspects of video that too often goes overlooked is audio. When your audio sounds weak, or isn't clear, or is too loud, it makes watching and enjoying your videos difficult. Below are the tools you need to make sure the audio quality is as good as the HD Video quality in your productions.

DSLR Mic options

Azden SMX-10 Stereo MicrophoneDSLR cameras are equipped with just the most basic microphone and the sound is just okay, at best. If your talent is more than 6 feet away from the camera your audio quality will diminish quickly. We recommend adding a stereo microphone like the Azden SMX-20 ($149.00) or for more professional applications an Azden SGM-series zoom mic; or a wireless microphone system like the Azden 105 series that includes the wireless receiver and your choice of either a bodypack transmitter with lapel mic, a handheld mic with built-in transmitter or an XLR transmitter for your favorite metal-bodied mic.
ZOOM H4n Four-Channel Handy Recorder

Many of our customers who are event videographers have also decided to add a field audio recorder like the Samson ZOOM H4n Four Channel Handy Recorder ($299). The H4n offers DSLR cameras its incredibly sensitive onboard mics and 4-channel recording capabilities. It is the only recorder that makes it possible to use a boom mic with its Channel 1 XLR input, a wireless lavaliere on its Channel 2 XLR and get incredible stereo imaging with its onboard mics, all at once.

Videoguys' Tech Tip: If you are planning a multi-camera shoot, or you plan on using a field recorder, you'll want to check out Singular Software's Plural Eyes plug-in. It's great for syncing up your audio and DSLR footage.

Azden WMS-PRO Wireless Microphone SystemAzden SMX-10 ($69.95) & Azden WMS Pro ($145.95)

Even if you don't shoot with a DSLR, you should be using an external mic to get the best possible sound quality when you shoot. The Azden SMX-10 is a great little stereo mic that is small, lightweight, sounds great. And, at just $69.95, is very affordable. The Azden WMS-Pro is our best selling wireless mic of all time. For under $150 you will be able to mic up someone up to 100 feet away! Now that's what I call a great value!!

M-Audio AV40 Speakers ($129.95)

M-Audio Studiophile AV40 Desktop Speaker SystemTop musicians, producers, and engineers trust M-Audio studio speakers—and now the AV 40 speakers bring this professional legacy to your home. AV 40s use proven M-Audio technology to deliver full-range sound, from crystal-clear highs, to deep, rich bass tones. They’re perfect for creating and enjoying all kinds of media. We use them in our edit suite to monitor our audio.

My kids use them in their rooms to playback their music from their laptops, iPods and phones. I use them with my iPad to play music in my living room when I'm entertaining in the winter and in my backyard during the summer around the pool.

Avid ProTools Studio Essentials Family

Avid ProTools Studio products are powered by the same technology behind many of today's greatest hits. These bundles include the ProTools SE software with the hardware device to best suit your application.

AVID Pro Tools Recording StudioAvid Pro Tools Vocal Studio includes the Producer USB mic to record stunning vocals for songs, soundtracks, narratives, podcasts or voice-overs. - $95.00

Avid Pro Tools Recording Studio includes the M-Audio FastTrack USB audio interface to capture guitars, instruments and vocals. - $115.00 (pictured)

Avid Pro Tools Key Studio includes the 49-note, velocity-sensitive M-Audio KeyStudio Keyboard that lets you choose from 100 different instrument sounds - $120.00


$100 Gift Card at Videoguys.comStill not sure what to get? Or perhaps you just waited to the last minute!? You can order a Videoguys' Gift Card and have the virtual gift sent right to your inbox in just a couple of hours. Videoguys Gift Cards are the perfect gift for when you're not sure what the the video editor in your life already has or still needs.

Order any gift card now and save 5% off the purchase price!

Special Holiday Bundles Including Editing Software & Your Choice of Storage at Our Lowest Prices Ever!

  1. Choose your NLE: Avid Media Composer 6, Adobe Production Premium CS5.5, Sony Vegas Pro 11 or Grass Valley Edius 6.
  2. Then Choose your Storage: G-Tech G-RAID 4-TB, Stardom SOHORAID SR4, Pioneer BDR-206 Mega External Kit
  3. Follow this link to check them out! 

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