Videoguys 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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Great Gifts & Recommendations for Videographers & Editors at Every Price!

It's hard to believe that the holidays are here again. I want to apologize for getting this article out so late. It's been a very hectic past few months around here, and we're still making up for lost time caused by Superstorm Sandy. I thought about skipping this article this year, but we have so many great new gift items for our customers that I decided it was better late than never.

As I said, Videoguys has some really great new holiday gift ideas for video editors, shooters, event cinematographers and post production professionals. From beginner to expert, from hobbyist to professional, we've got some great stuff for you. So check out this year's guide and pick out a gift to get for yourself with some of the gift cards or money that others have given you this holiday season. Speaking of gift cards, Videoguys is happy to accept your American Express, Visa or Mastercard gift cards. If you want to place your order using multiple gift cards or credit cards we would be happy to accommodate you. Just give us a call 800-323-2325 and talk to one of our sales people or customer service representatives and we'll take care of the rest.

We've broken the guide into several categories that I think will help make your holiday shopping easier:

  1. Gizmos & Gadgets
    This year we've found some really cool new gadgets for shooters, as well as productivity tools for editors
  2. Upgrades & Crossgrades!
    Find out how you can take advantage of the software you already own to save big on the latest and greatest software tools
  3. Software gifts for Students
    Take advantage of huge academic discounts for students and teachers and get them the software they need to prepare for the future.
  4. Hardware Specials
    Do you need more video storage or Hardware I/O?
  5. Audio for Video
    Improve your video by adding professional quality audio tools at an affordable price
  6. Software Plug-Ins
    Add interesting effects, filters, titles and more to your already powerful editing tools
  7. Software Training
    Beginners and professionals all enjoy handy reference materials to improve their editing skills
  8. Videoguys Gift Cards
    Great last minute gift idea! Videoguys' Virtual Gift Cards will arrive in your inbox quickly and are on sale now at 5% off!

Check out the full guide: Videoguys Holiday Gift Guide 2012 & Secret Santa Coupon!

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