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Money-Saving Blu-ray Disc Bundles Featuring Pioneer BDR-203 Now Available on

Once again Pioneer, the world’s leader in Blu-ray Disc, has raised the bar for features, performance and value. At just $229.95 the BDR203 is the most affordable Blu-ray Disc writer we’ve ever sold. And now, when you bundle it with any of the video editing programs at, you save even more!

The BDR-203 Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD Writer is the next generation Blu-ray Disc Writer from Pioneer. This BD/DVD/CD Writer will write up to 8x on BD-R (25GB) and BD-R DL (50GB) media. This writer allows users to test & author high-definition Blu-ray Disc content while also delivering the ability for high-capacity data storage. The BDR-203 can read BD-ROM and BD-ROM DL, read/write single and dual layer BD-R & BD-RE discs, read DVD-ROM, and read/write most DVD and CD recordable media formats.

  • Writes up to 8x speed on BD-R & BD-R DL and up to 2x on BD-RE & BD-RE DL Blu-ray Disc Media
  • Writes up to 16x speed on DVD-R/+R, up to 8x on DVD-R/+R (DL), up to 8x on DVD+RW, up to 6x on DVD-RW, up to 5x on DVD-RAM, up to 32x on CD-R, and up to 24x on CD-RW
  • Reads up to 8x speed on BD-ROM/BD-ROM DL, BD-R, and BD-RE and up to 6x on BD-R DL and BD-RE DL media
  • Reads up to 16x speed on DVD-ROM, DVD-R/+R, and DVD-Download, up to 12x on DVD-ROM DL, DVD-RW/+RW, and DVD-R/+R (DL), up to 5x on DVD-RAM, up to 40x on CD-ROM, up to 32x on CD-R, and up to 24x on CD-RW media

Why should you upgrade to Blu-ray Disc Authoring?

Even in this difficult economy, Blu-ray Disc players and discs are among the strongest sellers in consumer electronics. Every day more and more people are upgrading their HD home theaters to include Blu-ray - either with a Sony PlayStation3 or a stand-alone Blu-ray Disc player. In fact, now you can find a fully loaded Blu-ray player that supports all the latest Blu-ray technology and interactivity for under $300.

Blu-ray Discs you create using the Pioneer BDR-203 burner and Verbatim Blu-ray Disc media will play perfectly in all the latest Blu-ray players, including the Sony PS3. While some first generation Blu-ray players had some play back issues with playing back discs made on the original BDR-101 burner, we are not seeing these issues at all with current players. You can be totally confident that when you start producing and delivering your HD content on Blu-ray using the Pioneer BDR-203 burner your customers will have no problems watching it at home.

We should also point out that "Blu-ray Disc" is a proper name and it's becoming so popular that it's important to learn. It's not Blue with an "e", or Bluray, BluRay or even Purple... the proper name is Blu-ray Disc and it's the most amazing delivery method for high-definition media available today.

Click here for all of the Videoguys' Blu-ray Disc Authoring Bundles combining the Pioneer BDR-203 with your choice of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Production Premium, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas Pro, Matrox RT.X2LE, NVIDIA Quadro CX, Pinnacle Studio, and more!

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