Videoguys Capture Card Matrix

Vid Cap MatrixVideoguys Capture Card & Capture Device Comparison Matrix We offer a tremendous selection of video capture cards. We have created this handy Video Capture Card Matrix to help you find the card that is best for you. All of the video capture cards we carry are arranged by price point, from lowest to highest. We have broken them down by category. For each card we list the compression used (CODEC), video inputs and outputs supported as well as any bundled video editing and DVD authoring software. We have also included a brief section for special features. For more information about any of the capture devices listed, just click on their image and you'll be taken to their product page. We have broken them down into 3 categories: 1. External FireWire Video Capture devices / Converters 2. External USB2 Video Capture Devices 3. Internal Video Capture Cards Check out the Videoguys Capture Card Matrix!

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