Videoguys' Customer Documenting his DIY Experience for Church Video

Church Tech/Audio/Video by Craig Mashburn

We love it when we hear that Videoguys' customers have been able to make good use of the information we provide. Here is one such story from Craig Mashburn at the Southwest Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas who is using our DIY8 project as his guideline for a new editing workstation. Cris is the person responsible for the church's technology, audio and video and I am looking forward to reading his upcoming posts on how his system upgrade is going.

I have been editing video on the same computer for many years now. It is a 6 year old Dell, using an 8 year old Matrox video capture card. Because of the old card, I was stuck using Windows XP and Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0 (currently, Premiere is up to CS5.5). It has been pretty unstable. Lots of crashes and lockups.

With the help of my fellow staff members donating budget to help pay for it, I have begun the process of building a new editing machine.

I know about all the parts of a computer and how they go together and what they do. The thing that makes me nervous with this is making sure I am getting the right parts for the job. Video editing is one of the toughest things a computer can do, so you cannot skimp on the power of those parts. I did some research and landing on Specifically, on the DIY8 project.

These are components they recommend and have tested. So basically, they gave me a shopping list for a editing machine that will be rock solid. read more...

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