Videoguys DIY11 update: COMING SOON!

Videoguys by Gary Bettan Our new Techguy Scott Smith has been busy putting the final touches on our new DIY11 build. The goal was to put together a top notch NLE & Streaming machine for around $1,500. We've done all the research and the parts are on the way. Build should be completed and tested by end of January, with complete article coming in early February. We've chosen the ASUS Z97-PRO motherboard with Thunderbolt II, based on the latest Haswell chipset. There are actually two flavors of this motherboard available. The ASUS Z97-PRO (WiFi ac) or the non WiFi version. We went with the WiFi version because we need the connectivity. If you only use wired networking in your edit suite, you can save around $40 while ASUS is blowing out the non WiFi model. We recommend these two articles which helped us choose our motherboard, along with real user feedback found on We also had a little hiccup with the graphics card. Initially we were going to go with a GTX760 card. Tried & true and proven performer. Unfortunately this series has reached the end of the line, and we had to find a new replacement. We picked the GTX970 series, packed with 4GB of RAM and 1,664 CUDA cores. We are aware of some memory allocation issues with these motherboards, and we plan on including some optimization tweaks and tips for it in the full article. Here's the parts list we have on order.
Videoguys DIY 11
Motherboard ASUS Z97-PRO (wiFi ac) $189.99
CPU Intel 4790k i7 $339.99
RAM G.SKILL Ripjaw 16GB $129.99
GPU ASUS EVGA GTX970 $344.99
SSD Boot Drive Crucial M500 120GB $114.99
Case Antec 302 Upgraded $64.99
Power Supply Corsair HX750i $119.99
Cooler Noctua NH-D14 $74.99
Blu-ray Pioneer BDR-209 $75.00
OS Win 7 Pro 64-Bit $139.99
Total: $1,594.91
Click here to see the completed DIY11


  • Gary Bettan

    We are proof-reading now and expect to post it by Monday 3/23 at the latest

  • Brian

    Hi Guys, when will the full guide be completed/published?

  • godisafairytale

    I’m very curious – how do you guys feel about LGA1150 boards and CPUs like the above vs a higher end LGA2011-3 chipsets like the i7-5820k paired with a board like the Asus X99 series? Obviously going up would add $200-300 to the price, but do you think the difference would be noticeable and significant for editing, especially considering the ability to use quad-channel DDR4 RAM and future-proofing the system more?
    So looking forward to the full guide!

  • Chad

    I like it! What were the results? Would it be better to go with a DDR4 setup for xtra cash? If so, what do you think would be the best DDR4 chipset bang for buck budget build style based on this same type of combo?

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