Videoguys' DIY7: Intel Core i7 8-core on Vista64

New Intel Core i7 processor makes 64 bit computing a reality! We knew this day would come. We've been waiting for more then two years to break free from our 32-bit shackles and finally embrace the 64-bit future. We have seen the future, and we have built a machine to take full advantage of it. Videoguys DIY7 is simply the most cost effective platform for video editing we’ve ever put together. For around $2,000 this machine blows the doors off any DIY build article we’ve ever done. The jump in performance and power from DIY6 to DIY7 is nothing short of amazing! To understand why this machine represents such a huge leap in NLE performance, we first have to understand the underlying technology under the hood. That would be Intel’s Core i7 processor and X58 reference motherboard design. read more...

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