Videoguys Double Feature with $100 off Padcaster w/ Lenscaster or Proavio EB400CR.

Videoguys Double Feature with $100 off Padcaster with Lenscaster or Proavio EB400CR.

Padcaster Proavio

$100 Instant Rebate now through 2/28/13

Padcaster with Lenscaster Bundle Multifunctional iPad Case

The Padcaster & Lenscaster bundle allows you to turn your iPad 3 or 4 into a professional camera, complete with changeable lenses! This incredibly clever device lets you mount your iPad on a tripod/monopod, attach mics and lights and, most importantly, your favorite wide angle or telephoto lens! Once you start using Padcaster you will be amazed at the quality of the video you will be able to shoot.

Another awesome benefit of the Padcaster is that your iPad now becomes a high resolution field monitor, allowing you to frame your shots and set up depth of field just like a DSLR! To get the full benefit of the Padcaster you will need to download some camera apps that enable you to control your iPads shooting settings. We recommend FiLMic Pro, Camera Plus Pro, ProCamera HD and Camera Genius.

Complete Bundle with Padcaster & Lenscaster

reg $249.00 - special expires 2/28/13

Be one of the first to order the Padcaster with Lenscaster bundle and we'll give you a special promotional code for one of the Apps to use with it.
The first 50 customers who order the Padcaster with Lenscaster bundle will be randomly given one of these Apps FREE (while promo codes last)!!!

FiLMiC Pro - the award winning video app that combined with the iPhone 4S, beat the $5000 Sony FS100 & tied the $13,000 Canon C300 in blind audience testing at the "Zacuto: Revenge of the Great Camera Shoot Out." - $4.99 value

Camera Plus Pro
- a powerful-yet-simple camera app to shoot, edit and share beautiful photos and videos from your iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch with camera. - $1.99 value

ProCamera HD
- Professional full featured camera app that has gotten all kinds of awards and is loved by one million users. $4.99 value

Camera Genius - Camera Genius is the camera app you wished your iPhone shipped with. Loaded with features you want in a camera app. - $2.99 value

Proavio EB400CR
8TB USB 3.0, eSATA and FireWire
4-Disk RAID

EB400CR is the ultimate video and graphics storage workhorse, built and designed to adapt to your unique workflow. A 3rd generation on-board RAID controller provides the widest array of storage modes for any workflow. The EB400CR is designed to meet the needs of today's fast-paced video, photography and graphics workflows. EB400CR is the perfect storage solution for both studio and location-based production users who need fast, dependable storage that quickly adapts to any situation.

  • 4-Disk Desktop Array with Built-in RAID Controller
  • User Modes Include JBOD, RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-10, RAID-5, Disk Clone (Drive Dupe) for ultimate DSLR Media Redundancy
  • Delivers Sustained Data Throughput up to 500MB/s
  • High-efficiency Power and Cooling System
  • RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1 and RAID5 Operation

Proavio EB400CR 8TB (4x2TB)

reg $1,095.00 - special expires 2/28/13

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