Videoguys End of Summer and Back to School Specials

end of summer  · Serious Magic Ultra 2 with Master Set Libraries - Lowest Prices Ever...up to $225 in Rebates & Free Training!  · Sonic Introduces DVDit 6 & DVDit Pro 6 DVD authoring solutions  · $400 mail-in rebate & free training DVDs with Avid Xpress Pro HD/Mojo bundle! Hurry - rebate expires 9/30!  · Upgrade your mic system with the new Azden 200 series dual-channel on-camera UHF mic systems & save $50!  · Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 Pro $200 competetive rebate expires 9/30!  · Low prices on the complete line of Canopus Digital Media Converters!  · Introductory Special! Sorenson Squeeze 4 Compression Suite with FREE Class-On-Demand training DVD  · Introducing the new Rimage 360i CD/DVD duplicating & printing system Whether you are a student, teacher, or the purchaser for an educational organization we can help you get the BEST video editing solution for YOUR needs... at special discounted prices that meet YOUR budget!!! - Avid Xpress Pro EDUPack $249.95 after rebate - Pinnacle Liquid Edition Advanced Academic Toolkit $299.95 - Adobe Video Collection Standard EDU $449.95 - SONY Vegas+DVD Production Suite EDU $299.95 Click here for all our End of Summer and Back to School Specials!

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