Videoguys is Helping Documentary Being Made at Standing Rock

Videoguys, G-Technology and Broadfield Distributing are proudly working with Big Picture Ranch to Document Standing Rock

Thank You Video from Big Picture Ranch on Vimeo.
ABOUT THE FILMMAKERS: Josh and Rebecca Tickell are well known for their multi-award winning films on energy and the environment. Over the past six years their documentaries have have been shortlisted for an Academy Award, screened in the White House, seen by over 50 million people, won many notable awards including awards at the Sundance Film Festival, shown on television internationally and in the United States, chosen as an Offcial Selection in the Cannes Film Festival. Josh with Gdrive ABOUT THE PROJECT: G-Technology G-Speed Shuttle XL hard drives will be used by the Tribal Youth Media Council. The group consists of young Native American and non-native independent journalists who are on the ground at Standing Rock. These young people have come from all over the US and are working together to help winterize teepees and to document and to broadcast the daily stories from Standing Rock. These people are very committed to helping the Lakota and the other peoples there and they are in daily communication with the tribal elders. It is impossible to go to Standing Rock as a journalist and not pick up a hammer or help build or contribute physically. At some stage the need for labor and help encapsulates everyone. The push from the beginning from within Standing Rock and outside has been for the people to tell their own stories. We are working with the young folks there to get their footage into news outlets and now are providing footage for CNN, CBS, Fox and lots of online sites.

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