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Videoguys advertises as the world leader in affordable Digital Video Editing software and hardware, and it only takes one quick look at their Web site to see why.

There is a huge inventory of products to choose from, complete with capability listings. There's a research section, special areas for HD and DTV, free software, discounts, trades and rebates. But most important of all, there are multiple ways to reach Videoguys' customer service department - which promises something you won't always get in your local computer store - educated, helpful, and detailed customer support.

MacDirectory talked to Gary Bettan, who bills himself at "The Videoguy" and he explained Videoguys' emphasis on customer service. "We're all videographers ourselves. We deal with this equipment every day, and I don't mean watching demos, we actually edit video ourselves." This expertise means that users, from the novice to the expert, can get real-time advice on everything from the best equipment to buy, to how to enhance or improve what they already have.

Videoguys is so secure in the knowledge of its customer service experts, that they offer a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee if customers are not happy with their recommendations.

So is this self-assurance warranted? Bettan says it is. "We work hard to stay ahead of the curve," he explained. One way is by constantly doing research, both via the net and by, of course, working with the different types of equipment. As new information is discovered, Videoguys posts it to its database, making it easily available to staff and customers.

This model began in 1985, when Videoguys was known as the Electronic Mailbox. As the technology evolved, so too did Videoguys, which launched its Web page in 1995. Back then, Bettan remarked, no one could have predicted the revolution the Internet was going to cause in video - at least not until Final Cut came along.

"Apple democratized video editing," Bettan said. "Final Cut made people realize that anyone could do this." For more info visit: MacDirectory
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