Videoguys' Guide (with Video) to Avid Media Composer | Software

Videoguys by Gary Bettan

Avid Media Composer | Software is now available in 3 license types
making it the perfect professional editing solution for everyone.

One of the big announcements at NAB from Avid is that customers will have the choice to have Media Composer their way. You can still own a perpetual license that together with an annual support contract will entitle you to all upgrades, for free, during the support contract. With new monthly and annual Media Composer subscription options, customers can now gain access to the latest Media Composer toolset, support, and upgrades. They also announced a new Software floating licensing for large-scale media enterprises, post-production houses, and educational institutions, making it possible to purchase a “pack” of shared licenses to deploy facility-wide using a single system ID.

As you can imagine, it all can get quite confusing, which is why Videoguys put together this FAQ & YouTube videos to boil it all down for you and help you better understand your options for the next release of Media Composer, version 8, expected later this spring.

This guide & videos are for the next version of Avid Media Composer | Software was compiled on April 15th based on the information announced at the NAB Show 2014 and available from Avid after the show. We expect that some of this information may change before the new software is introduced. The next version of Avid Media Composer | Software is expected to be released in mid May 2014. Stay tuned for updates...

Why choose Avid Media Composer | Software?

Get access to the industry’s most trusted editorial tools in film, TV, and broadcast:

  • Experience the most open and tightly integrated media platform
  • Accelerate workflows with tools created by professionals, for professionals
  • Complete projects faster with real-time remote collaboration
  • Expand your creative palette with options from other industry leaders

Get help when you need it with Avid Standard Support, now included:

  • Access to world-class, worldwide, professional support
  • Stay up to date, as all software updates and upgrades are included in your plan

The New Avid Media Composer |Software will be available in 3 different license types to help meet your needs.

  1. If you prefer to own the software you buy Avid will continue to offer that option with their perpetual license at $1,299.00. This license will include a 1-year Avid Support contract that includes all updates/upgrades in the first year and that contract may be renewed annually at $299/year. Avid Symphony option must be purchased as an add-on option with this license
  2. Avid is pleased to introduce the new Avid Everywhere subscription model for Media Composer | Software. For just $599.00/year you will be subscribed to Avid Media Composer with Symphony and have free updates/upgrades and Avid Support throughout the term of your subscription
  3. Finally, Avid is also intoducing the "floating license" option perfect for busy post-production houses and orgaizations who require shared licenses to access across your facility.

Why subscribe?

  • Pay for the software only when you need it, wherever you need it
  • Get full access to the latest Media Composer tools with Avid Symphony Option in the most cost-effective way
  • Expand your capabilities with additional Avid third-party software—including NewBlue Titler Pro v2, Sorenson Squeeze Lite, Boris COntinuum Complete Lite and more
  • Stay up to date with the latest technology and releases at no additional cost
  • Get access to every software update and upgrade as soon as they’re available
  • Scale client count up or down as project demands and budget dictate
  • Easily manage purchases through your My Avid account Media Composer?

If you already own Media Composer and wish to upgrade to the latest version, maintaining your perpetual (no expiration) license, you can do so by signing up for a standard Avid Support plan for $299/year. This auto-renewable plan—as outlined in the next page—includes all software upgrades, updates, and standard support for one year from the date of purchase.

1 Year Avid Annual Support Plan

Click here for the Full Videoguys' Guide to Avid Media Composer | Software

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