Videoguys Insider: Blu-Ray Update Spring 2008

Blu-RayOne of the interesting things about NAB2008 was how the industry is reacting now that the HD disk format war is over. In case you missed it, Blu-ray Disc has won. The HD DVD format is dead. Toshiba is no longer supporting it and they took massive write-offs. Your local electronics stores are no longer selling HD DVD players, and many are actually offering a trade in allowance for those early adopters who did support HD DVD.

How does this affect you, the video producer? It means that you can now actually shoot, edit and deliver your productions in HD, without having to worry about what format your customer has chosen. With the announcement by Sony of Blu-ray Disc authoring support for Vegas Pro 8 with the NEW DVD Architect 5, all our NLE vendors now offer Blu-ray Disc support (Adobe Encore CS3, Avid DVD by Sonic, Sony DVD Architect 5 and Sonic DVDit HD)– with one glaring exception - Apple. Apple DVD Studio Pro does not offer Blu-ray Disc authoring and from what I could gather at the show, it's not coming anytime soon. In fact, the only Blu-ray Disc authoring solution on the Mac platform is Adobe Encore CS3. Encore CS3 cannot be purchased on it's own. It comes bundled with Premiere Pro CS3 and the Adobe CS3 Production Premium. So if you are a Mac editor and you need Blu-ray Disc authoring abilities, you are going to have to invest in some Adobe software.

The big news we have is from Pioneer. They have lowered the price on the BDR-202 Blu-ray Disc burner to $399.95! Even more important, they've gotten over the delivery shortages and we are expecting a good flow of products through the summer. We've taken these lower prices and increased availability and updated all our Blu-ray Disc bundles to offer you even more savings!!!

We have also bundled the BDR-202 with the video editing software and hardware available today that supports Blu-ray Disc. These bundles include the Matrox RT.X2 with Adobe Premiere Pro and Encore CS3 and Sony Vegas 8 with DVD Architect 4.5.

All of the Videoguys' newest Blu-ray Disc bundles take advantage of the new low price on the Pioneer BDR-202 Burner and features Eyes Scream Factory DVD Art Essentials and the Videoguys' Verbatim Blu-ray Disc Bonus Pack
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