Videoguys Insider Interview with Douglas Spotted Eagle: Sony HDV & Vegas

Spot HDVWe’ve got a very exciting and informative new article on our website this month. Douglas Spotted Eagle (aka Spot, DSE), is one of the more well known online experts in our industry. He moderates and participates in numerous online forums and communities about such subjects as Vegas video editing, audio for video, HDV, copyright issues, event videography, and his own VASST training products. In this article I get the chance to pick Spots brain a little and dig into 3 of his favorite subjects 1. Video Editing with Sony Vegas 6 2. HDV technology 3. VASST Ultimate S & GearShift plug-ins for Vegas If you are thinking about getting with, or you have recently purchased an HDV camcorder, this article is for you. You’ll also learn more about Sony Vegas 6 and how it delivers features and performance that go far beyond its affordable price. And, of course, we’ve put together some special offers with VASST for new and existing Vegas 6 owners! Click here to read the complete interview and see our specials

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