Videoguys is your source for Matrox Monarch family of Streaming and Recording Appliances

Matrox Monarch Streaming and Recording appliances are easy to use and set up. They deliver outstanding picture quality and performance. You can simultaneously stream to your favorite CDN and record your footage to USB device, media card or over your network. Videoguys carry the full line of Matrox Monarch devices, and we have special academic discounts available to qualified education facilities. If your school or organization has an opportunity to deploy multiple Monarch devices we can work with you to get an evaluation unit for testing and proof of concept. Generating H.264-encoded video streams at bitrates from 200 Kbps to 30 Mbps, Matrox Monarch appliances have powerful scaling, deinterlacing, and noise-reduction engines which ensure only pristine images are sent to the internal encoders. For streaming purposes, the encoders use either RTMP or RTSP protocol to deliver live streams to local or cloud-based media servers. In recording, the encoders write MP4 or MOV files to local USB drives, SD cards, or network-mapped drives for post-event editing or archiving.
  • Monarch HD $995 - Single channel streaming and recording via HDMI
  • Monarch HDX $1,995 - Dual channel Broadcast Streaming & Recording H.264 Encoder via SDI & HDMI with frame-synchronization to correct any discontinuity at the input
  • Monarch LCS $2,459 - LCS Lecture Capture Appliance with dual channel streaming and recording via HDMI & SDI. Plus multiple layouts for delivering your educational content
Record master quality video while streaming If an event is worth streaming, it is worth recording at the highest possible quality. The better the recording quality, the more value it offers a post event produced asset. These assets can be made available to your audience as fast turnaround VOD files or as fully post produced highlight reels. Ready to edit and upload with MP4 and MOV Matrox Monarch gives the option of recording high quality H.264 video as MP4 or MOV files. You can easily import the file into yur favorite NLE (FCPX, Adobe, Avid) without the need for file transcoding. You can also upload a file to your own web server or to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like YouTube. Presets and Profiles for simple Configuration Matrox Monarch firmware ships with a number of typical streaming and recording presets that define all the encoding parameters including resolution and bitrate. Multiple profiles can be saved if the device is used in different environments. Recording and streaming profiles are saved independently allowing a user to mix and match profiles Remotely Manage Your Monarch Devices and Integrate them into your own Application or Environment The Matrox Utils application allows operators to remotely scan and find all Monarch LCS devices present on their network. The Utils application will also scan the attached Monarch LCS and notify the operator if the unit is up to date with its installed firmware version and will also update the device automatically to ensure that it has the latest software release. The Matrox Utils Application can also be used to reboot Monarch LCS devices present on the network. Versatile API for Your Environment Contractors or in-house IT specialists can take advantage of Monarch LCS Dev Tools, which includes automatic configuration tools and the Monarch LCS Control API, to provide operators with a unified, consistent and branded experience. Individuals do not need to interact with the Monarch LCS Command Center web UI, simplifying enterprise-level and centrally administered deployments. Tight integration can be found with a variety of our partners.

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