Videoguys July Update

Videoguys by Gary Bettan

It is hard to believe that we are almost halfway through the summer. This summer has been very exciting for us over at Videoguys. We've added a bunch of new products to our line-up and we've had some of our most successful promotions ever!


Thunderbolt is coming to PCs in 2012!

Intel is now shipping Thunderbolt chipsets for the PC platform! It looked like we would see it first on high end laptops from Asus, Toshiba and Aspire. Intel threw us a curveball by announcing and releasing the Z77 Express chipset with Thunderbolt for desktops. We're very excited about these new motherboards, especially the Asus P8Z77-V Premium. In fact, it got us thinking that perhaps our DIY 10 (DIYX) machine should be a Hackintosh!

I think we are going to wait for an IVY Bridge Enthusiast chipset with Thunderbolt. Something similar to the X79 Sandy Bridge-E Enthusiast motherboards that we are recommending for DIY9. These Enthusiast level motherboards will have both Thunderbolt and USB3, 8 memory slots and plenty of PCIe bandwidth. While these motherboards are not yet here, I think we will see them before year end. I can't wait!

Videoguys has updated our Guide to Thunderbolt to reflect the latest and

greatest industry information.

Promise Pegasus Hi-Performance Thunderbolt RAIDs are in stock. As an

introductory special we are offering a FREE Thunderbolt cable ($49.95

value) with all Pegasus purchases.

G-tech G-RAID Thunderbolt drives are in stock.

Matrox MXO2MINIMAX w Thunderbolt on sale $699. If you need SDI, the MXO2

LE MAX Thunderbolt is just $1495

AJA IoXT gives you all of the performance and features of a Kona card in

an external Thunderbolt solution for just $1495. The new AJA T-Tap is not yet shipping, but we hope to have more info on that soon.


Shure FP Wireless Mic Systems are now shipping

For years we've been getting the same request over and over from event videographers, DSLR shooters and filmmakers: When is Shure going to offer a small, on-camera mountable wireless mic solution? Rejoice! Rejoice! They have done it. The new Shure FP wireless mic systems are just what you've been hoping for. They are delivering the same awesome Shure wireless mic quality used in studios and venues by broadcast professionals throughout the world. Best of all they are flexible, easy to set up, sound great and they are affordable. Complete systems starting at just $499!!


Videoguys FAQ: Matrox MXO2 Family of Products

All new and updated June 2012! The Matrox MXO2 Family of SMART I/O devices deliver outstanding I/O performance and with the MAX technology, superior quality and dramatically faster H.264 encoding!

We have broken this FAQ into several sections:

Top 5 reasons to buy an MXO2 family Smart I/O device

Picking the right Matrox I/O solution

Smart I/O for Adobe & Avid Editors

The MAX Advantage: Understanding Matrox MAX H.264 encoding technology.

Realtime hardware up/down/cross conversion

Live Streaming with Matrox

Matrox Smart I/O Bundles with Avid & Adobe

Great news! The MXO2 Mini MAX ($599 desktop/laptop, $699 Thunderbolt) promotion has been extedned though September!


Apple releases OS X Mountain Lion: Videoguys notes and links

Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is now available for download in the Mac App Store for $19.99. Before you rush out and upgrade, here is some advice from Videoguys:

Never upgrade your OS or your NLE while in the middle of projects.

Make a full back-up of your computer prior to upgrading.

Make sure your Mac has everything it needs before you upgrade.

Warning: Once you upgrade to Mountain Lion, you can't roll back to Lion.

Video editors install at your own risk.

Do not upgrade until you know that your NLE software and hardware are

approved by Adobe, Avid, AJA, Matrox, BMD etc.

Our advice, wait a week or two and see how others do.

Follow this link to the official press release from Apple, followed by a dozen reviews/ articles from around the web.


Videoguys "Post Chat" with Gordon Burkell of Art of the Guillotine

What does Art of the Guillotine and have in common? They both recognize the need for information, techniques, tips & tricks for Editors. Art of the Guillotine online community, blog and #POSTCHAT are invaluable resources to thousands and the Videoguys blog, social media and, of course, online store is an excellent source for editors who are ready to make an educated purchase.

In this discussion, Gordon Burkell, Founder, Art of the Guillotine and Gary Bettan, President, introduce themselves and discuss the future of editing. We've added in a special bonus to this article, a special discount coupon for our #POSTCHAT friends. You'll have to follow this link and read the article to get it

Happy Editing

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