Videoguys Live Streams to Facebook, YouTube & Periscope Simultaneously!

Tuesday, May 30th marked a very special milestone for the video production team over at With a little bit of hacking/work arounds we were able to stream our Tuesday @ 2pm live show on all three of the major streaming services, at the same time! Our producer Courtney ran the whole show by herself from our Wirecast Gear box. She set up Facebook using RTMP, rather than the directly supported plug-in from Wirecast, along with the default Periscope and YouTube live settings. As you can see for yourself, everything went smoothly and the image and sound quality are superb. For live streaming most experts recommend running a 5-10 minute pre show to give your audience a chance to tune in and even more importantly, to share your show with their friends and colleagues. As part of our pre-show Videoguys will discuss the technology we use to produce our shows as well as providing helpful hints, tweaks and tricks that we feel will be useful for our customers and fellow live streamers. Click here to see the Facebook Live Stream with unedited pre-show. This week's show was all about the June specials and promotions we will be running on Videoguys. You can watch it along with the pre-show on our Facebook, YouTube or Periscope/Twitter page. We also post an edited down version with just the actual show on our YouTube page here:

In the very near future we plan on adding interactivity with our viewers. That way we'll be able to answer your comments and questions either during the show, or on a brief wrap-up show. Please check our social media pages and make sure you tune in each week to our Live streams to learn more about editing, production and live streaming; the products we sell; specials and promotions; and tips and tricks to make your productions the best they can be! And most off all Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Please tell your friends, family and colleagues about us and share our videos with them.

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