Videoguys Live Year in Review

Welcome to Videoguys Live! Join Gary as he unveils our 2023 Year in Review, diving into the captivating live and produced content we've crafted, along with the exciting events we hosted throughout the year. Get ready for insightful discussions on tech tips and discover the key strategies to achieve success in the world of livestreaming. Don't miss out on this comprehensive recap and valuable insights

Every week we stream live to Facebook and YouTube at 3pm EST. But why Facebook and YouTube? Let's take a look!

Why Do we Stream to Facebook?
Viewers can engage in the page by:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

Viewers can see related posts that are not videos, such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles from tech websites
  • Engagement from other technology pages

Why Do We Live Stream to YouTube?
We simulcast because all streaming platforms can have bad days and can lead to crashes, so make sure to have redundancies in place

Why YouTube?
YouTube is the best archiving platform as #2 search engine in the world behind Google

Videoguys Studio in 2023

Types of Content We Produce:

  • Remote Guests
  • Virtual Events
  • Tech Tips / Demos
  • Ask The Videoguys
  • Product spotlights
  • Demos

Remote Guests
We bring in industry experts​ via NDI teams or SRT with Epiphan Connect

Virtual Events
Events like EduStreamTV and NDI November

Tech Tips / Demos
Live demos of products, along with great tech tips

Ask The Videoguys

  • Q&A with real questions we've gotten from customers
  • Great for engagement from audience

Product Unboxings and Spotlights
First access to new products

Product Demos / Product Spotlights
We give you real life looks at how products are setup and used by us in studio or by other users in the field​

We provide a variety of different workflow charts for different verticals

Follow Us For More Content Coming in 2024
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What's Coming in 2024:

  • New product announcements coming this January!​
  • WorshipStream.TV planned now​
  • NAB 2024 Coverage from the show​
  • And lot's more!!!​

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