Videoguys March Update

It's hard to believe that the winter is almost over and spring is around the corner! Over the past few weeks we've sent out a couple of Spotlight emails. Our 5% off coupon SOFT5 is active through 3/19/12 and you can use it for any purchase!

Videoguys Spotlight on Storage
We are Your Source for Video Storage Solutions for SD, HD & High-End 2K/4K Workflows! We have G-Tech, Glyph and Stardom storage solutions for every budget and workflow. Our Spotlight on Storage email also included a quick primer on the various RAID types (0 / 1/ 5) and their advantages. Check it out to learn more about what storage options and products are best for you. Remember, our Videoguys sales team is here to answer your questions. Call us at 800 323-2325. We can also create bundles for you that combine Storage with NLE software for even more savings!

Videoguys Spotlight on Software
Upgrades and Academic Deals from Adobe, Avid, Sony, Grass Valley and more Why should YOU upgrade your video editing system and what is the best upgrade for you? There are several reasons to upgrade your video editing system. Video editing systems, like most technological advances, are faster, more stable, easier to use, and capable of higher-quality than some of those made as recently as six-months ago!
Do you want to take advantage of the increased speed and productivity of today's 64-bit systems with more layers of video, realtime transitions and special effects?
  • Do you want to make sure your software/hardware is using every available
  • resource of your computer to create a faster and more stable editing environment?
  • Do you want full support for tapeless workflows and new formats including DSLR, AVCHD, XDCAM, DVC PRO and more?
  • Or, perhaps you just want to take advantage of some of the new features added in the latest version of your software. Whatever the reason, we can advise you on the best upgrades and/or trade-up paths available AND help you SAVE MONEY!
  • Videoguys DIY9 Update
    The latest, March 2012 update, now has 3 recommended DIY9 builds! You can mix & match components between the two DIY9 P9X79 builds (Hot Rod vs Videoguys' Choice). Or, for those on a tight budget, our DIY8 Sandy Bridge system based on the P8Z68 and i7 2600K processor is a fine choice. For our Videoguys' Choice DIY9 system we tried to get as close to $2K as possible for our system, but we went over.

    We are going with the Asus P9X79 Pro motherboard after getting some valuable feedback from one of our DIY followers. We'll pay $50 more, but the added stability will be worth it. We may still need FireWire for capturing our older legacy DV & HDV footage, so we may end up adding a cheap FireWire card later.
  • We're going to go with an SSD boot drive even though it adds almost $200 to the cost of the build.
  • I'm still thinking we may go for the full 32GB of RAM. I think we may be a penny wise and pound foolish going with just 16GB.
  • We're also going with a GTX570 to save costs, although for Avid you really want to go with a Quadro2000 or 4000.

    Introducing the Pioneer BDR-207 Blu-Ray Burner!
    The BDR-207 is the next generation Blu-ray Disc Writer from Pioneer. This Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer will write up to 12x on BD-R (25Gbytes) and BD-R DL (50Gbytes) media. It allows users to author high-definition Blu-ray Disc content while also delivering the ability for high-capacity data storage. One BD-R DL disc will hold the same amount of data as 10 DVDs (single layer).

    We have bundled the NEW Pioneer BDR-207 12x Blu-ray writer with the video editing software and hardware available today that supports Blu-ray Disc.

    Blu-ray Bundles for PC
  • Blu-ray Bundles for Mac

    Matrox Instant rebates Expire 3/31!
    SAVE on the best I/O choices for any workflow! Matrox Mojito MAX, Matrox MXO2 LE MAX, and Matrox MXO2 Rack MAX purchases qualify for significant savings until March 31, 2012.

    Matrox MXO2 devices are still the only I/O solutions on the market that connect anywhere, Mac and PC, via PCIe, ExpressCard/34, or a Thunderbolt adapter

    with the same versatile unit.

    Along with the new Matrox Mojito MAX card, they are also the only choices that let you deliver H.264 files up to five times faster than software alone without sacrificing quality!

    These cost-effective tools streamline workflow with all the leading editing and H.264 encoding apps including Apple Final Cut Studio, Avid Media Composer, Adobe CS5.5, and more.

    Videoguys Guide to Thunderbolt
    The latest generation of Apple computers are built on Intel i5 &i7 Quad core processors, and they work great! iMac, Mac Mini and Macbook Pro are now very powerful NLE platforms
    for every level of video editing including professional post. With the addition of the new Thunderbolt high-speed connectivity port, these machines will give you the ability to add professional I/O and video storage. Best of all, Mac users now have several great Video Editing software choices: Apple Final Cut Studio & FCPX, Adobe Production Premium with Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer.

    You can choose either the new Mac Mini, Mac Book Pro or Mac Book Air - all have Thunderbolt! Just make sure you select an i7 processor and as much RAM as possible.


    NAB is coming April - here's sneak peak at some of the things we will be looking for at the show.

    • Adobe has been hinting and offering sneak peaks at new features coming in CS6. So far all I can say is WOW! We'll keep you posted, but every user of Adobe products is going to want to jump on this upgrade - it's gonna be huge!
    • This past week Western Digital acquired Hitachi GST, the storage division of Hitachi. Which means that G-Tech is now owned by a new company. We're very excited about this news and we hope it will mean more great products, brought to market even faster, at even better prices! We hope to have our first units of G-RAID Thunderbolt before NAB!!
    • Grass Valley announced Edius 6.5, with new features that strengthen it's "Edit Anything" reputation. The new EDIUS software boasts a comprehensive 3D workflow, complete with 3D stereoscopic editing tools and new 3D support across its editing peripherals. EDIUS 6.5 also incorporates a new Flash exporter, many improvements to the Layouter tool, native image stabilization, built-in Loudness Meter and closed caption/audio bit stream (Dolby-E, AC-3) pass-through support. We've been told that anyone who purchases Edius 6 today will get be able to download a free upgrade to Edius 6.5 directly form Grass Valley after it releases.
    • At last years NAB AJA gave us a sneak peak at two new products: Phaser & Riker. Phaser went on to become the IoXT, their first Thunderbolt I/O device. We are still waiting to see what Riker becomes, it promises to be the most comprehensive I/O device in the industry, supporting everything from SD to HD to 5K and 3D. Since NAB, AJA and Avid have been working together on several projects. The KiPro Mini now supports DNxHD and Kona card are fully supported and work fantastic with Avid Media Composer 6. We can't wait to see what developments AJA has for us at this years NAB.

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    Videoguys new Super-Saver Shipping rates!

    We know the economy is still struggling and that people are looking to save money. So we've revamped out Super-Saver Shipping tables to give you the chance to keep the total cost of your order as low as possible.

    For orders under $125 you'll pay just $9.95
  • For orders between $125 and $999 it's just $12.95
  • For orders between $1250 and $1999 it's $19.95
  • And for orders over $2000 it tops out at just $29.95

    Super-Saver Shipping is available in the Continental 48 states and your order will arrive in 5-8 business days.
    Don't forget that you can use coupon code SOFT5 to save 5% off on any order placed on or before March 19th, 2012!!

    Thank you and happy editing,

    Gary Bettan

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