Videoguys NAB 2007 Report Part 2

NAB Part 2 "B" is for Boards & More.. Plenty of New Hardware One of the things I like best about NAB is the chance to see all the new hardware coming down the road for video editing and production. Over the past few years computers have become so powerful that we can edit DV footage extremely well with just software alone. With the move to HD the software can handle the footage, but it takes some extra hardware to get the job done right. This can be as simple as some additional storage, an I/O board or a hardware accelerator. At this years NAB there were some very exciting hardware developments. Matrox Matrox has been making hardware accelerator boards for Adobe Premiere going all the way back to Premiere 5.x. With Adobe’s announcement of Premiere Pro CS3, it came as no surprise that Matrox announced plans for full support within weeks of it shipping. For RTX2 and Axio this will be as part of the new 3.0 driver release. The initial 3.0 drivers will be WinXP only, but Vista 32 bit drivers are being worked on for release later this year. The new features in version 3.0 are so impressive that Matrox did not want to delay them while getting Vista finalized. (Note: 64 bit OS support has yet to be announced but it is on the roadmap). read more...

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